Kurulus Osman Episode 33 with urdu and english subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 33, Geyhatu asks where his son is and upon that Savci Bey carries Mongke to the plain with his hands tied. Geyhatu goes to his son and asks Osman Bey for what reason he dealt with his son like that. Osman says that Mongke double-crossed Geyhatu. Nikola readies the Byzantine armed force and holds up with them to assault Kulucahisar Castle. Flatyos and few Byzantine spies dress as traders and enter the Kulucahisar.


Ertugrul Bey’s

Nikola enters the stronghold utilizing the mystery burrows he gained from Helen. The gatekeepers in the castle can’t battle against the Byzantine troopers since they were recently harmed. Osman and Savci tells facts to Geyhatu. Mongke denies everything except for Geyhatu says that he will listen to Osman, and they all enter Ertugrul Bey’s tent. Nikola and Flatyos begin assaulting the Turks. Abdurrahman Ghazi implores Allah for the recuperation of Ertugrul.

Dundar Bey

Then, Osman and the Savci say that everything Mongke did is a trap to bring Geyhatu to Sogut. Dundar Bey says that Mongke is not alone in making this plan and then Geyhatu asks Yavlak Arslan questions. Yavlak says he does not blame Ertugrul Bey and his sons. Nikola kills most Turkish soldiers and captures the survivors and give a victory speech. Geyhatu listens to the claims of both sides. Bamsi says he doesn’t believe either side and asks for evidence to find out who is guilty.

Mongke Planned

Geyhatu asks for evidence to make a more just decision. Osman explains how Mongke planned to kill his father and says that Cerkutay knew this. Geyhatu wants to talk to Cerkutay, and Osman says that he will come to the plain soon. Mongke asks his father for forgiveness when the facts come out, but Geyhatu gets up and cuts his son’s throat. Osman says he wants to punish those who set up this plan and Cerkutay.

Ertugrul’s Ailment

After that Geyhatu might want to express gratitude toward Osman and Savci for what they did and set off. Byzantine officers eliminate everything having a place with the Turks from the castle. Nikola liberates one of the Turkish detainees to enlighten Osman regarding all that occurred in the Kulucahisar. Lena comes and says that Ertugrul’s ailment is deteriorating. Osman, Savci, and Gunduz go to see Ertugrul. Ertugrul opens his eyes and takes a gander at his son. Osman embraces his dad and holds his hand.

Abdurrahman Ghazi

Yavlak Arslan needs to see Ertugrul, yet Abdurrahman Ghazi doesn’t permit him. Arslan later addresses Osman, however Osman doesn’t permit him to. Arslan blows up with Osman and attempts to converse with Savci. Savci shields Osman. Dundar brings the Turk from the castle and news comes that the castle was caught by Nikola. Osman gets irate, yet Bamsi stops Osman.

Next Morning

In Kurulus Osman Episode 33, Osman quickly advises them to reclaim Kulucahisar and Bamsi underpins him. Savci can’t help contradicting what Osman says a lot there are detainees in the castle. Savci says he needs to hold a gathering the following day, yet Osman contradicts his sibling. Osman goes to the Alps and discloses to them that they will reclaim the detainees in the castle with the gold they had recently seized.


Osman says that regardless of what his bro the Savci stated, they will assault the castle next morning and said the Alps to be prepared for this war. Further arslan says that Osman will do hazardous things, yet Gunduz guards his brother. Savci says that Osman needs to obey orders or he will get a hefty punishment. Selcan and Aygul rest some place in the backwoods. Selcan is caring for Aygul’s infant and converses with Aygul about it.


Aygul says she doesn’t need her child and doesn’t deal with him. A couple of Byzantine fighters come and ask Selcan what she is doing in Byzantine grounds. Selcan says that these terrains have a place with Ertugrul, and soon Aygul assaults the troops.
In Kurulus Osman Episode 33, Savci and other Beys on the plain go to the gathering. Savci asks where Osman is, however nobody can respond to him. Then, Osman goes to the entryway of the castle.

Muslims in the stronghold

Savci begins the gathering without Osman and discusses the wellbeing of the Muslims in the stronghold. Gunduz says that Nikola can’t be trusted, and Dundar underpins what he says. The selcan and Aygul go to the plain. Selcan shows up when Hazal says that Osman has vanished again and is doing mystery occupations. Selcan says that all the Hatuns in the plain are under her assurance and goes to the gathering to converse with the Beys.

Nikola acknowledges Osman’s offer

Further osman comes to converse with Nikola with two boxes of gold. Osman says he needs to reclaim the Turkish detainees, yet Nikola says that those gold were taken from Byzantium. Nikola says he couldn’t care less about gold and there won’t be an exchange. As Osman shuts the tops of the crates, he gets Flatyos and says he will never leave his bro. Osman needs the detainees to be delivered or Flatyos will kick the bucket. Nikola reveals to Osman that he can’t leave this castle, however Osman indeed arranges the detainees to be delivered. Flatyos restricts this understanding however Nikola acknowledges Osman’s offer.


Then, as Osman leaves the castle, Nikola orders him to be shot by a bowman. While the gathering proceeds in Ertugrul’s tent, the news that Osman is going to the castle comes, and Savci gets extremely furious. Bamsi stands up and shields what Osman did. Savci additionally stands up and restricts Bamsi. Further osman speculates toxophilite and utilizes Flatyos as a shield. Therefore osman takes all the Turkish detainees and leaves the castle with Flatyos. Therefore selcan converses with Bamsi and realizes what occurred in the plain.

Nikola stops Flatyos

Moreover flatyos re-visitations of the castle after a brief time and discloses to him that he should bite the dust of this humiliating circumstance. Savci says that Osman will be captured for placing the lives of the detainees at serious risk. Gunduz and Bamsi attempt to safeguard Osman. Selcan can’t take any more and says that Osman is deserving of being Kayi Bey. Nikola lifts his blade to execute Flatyos, however later adjusts his perspective and says he should live. Flatyos gets up and assaults Nikola. Nikola stops Flatyos and advises him that he should vindicate his dad.

Arslan visits Geyhatu

Further in Kurulus Osman Episode 33, Arslan visits Geyhatu and attempts to converse with him. Geyhatu doesn’t permit Arslan to talk and says that he needs to find out additional. Therefore geyhatu says he needs to find out about Osman and Bamsi and gives Arslan the administration of all Beylics in the fringe district. Further osman re-visitations of the plain with the detainees he safeguarded. Kayis are glad about the present circumstance.

Alps to capture Osman

Further savci orders Alps to capture Osman. Numerous individuals uphold Osman, yet Savci is resolved to capture Osman. Osman asks who will capture him, and Bamsi faces Savci. Savci orders the Alps once more, yet the Alps don’t hear him out. Bamsi mentions to everybody what Osman did, yet Savci by and by says that he will capture him. Gunduz can’t take any more and stops everybody. Gunduz tells he is more established than Savci and Osman and attempts to quiet them down. Savci contradicts Gunduz, yet then, Lena rushes out of the tent. Lena says Ertugrul Bey is biting the dust.

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