Kurulos Osman Episode 120 in Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Usman Episode 121
Usman takes Inegol and holds an assembly. Usman says he will retaliate for Oktem no matter what. Bengi says she misplaced her brother to begin with and after that her spouse. Usman says he gets it Bengi and will offer assistance her. Bengi inquires Usman in case he will work for Nayman. Boran tells about Nayman that went to Sogut to do conversation to Ismihan. Usman says that Nayman will attempt to induce data from Ismihan which they ought to never believe that lady. Nayman considers Ismihan is working for Usman and begins inquiring questions around it. Ismihan says she never backed Usman and Olof merits to kick the bucket as of now. Nayman cautions Ismihan for the final time and says that Usman will before long connect the Mongolian armed force.
Usman says he will work for Nayman presently. Malhun tells Aktemur what Bengi needs and after that goes with him to convey gold to the individuals. Usman says he will help the Mongols to ensure long-standing time of his individuals and after that enters Nayman’s tent. Turgut assaults the Mongolian caravan and seizes everything the warriors were carrying. Nayman orders a supper to be arranged in Usman’s honor and begins talking to his guest. Nayman says that he will build up a state before long which he has made all the arrangements for it. Usman inquires Nayman to use caution around the caravans and cautions him. Turgut finds a outline appearing the courses to be utilized by other caravans and is very happy. Bayindir goes to conversation to Ismihan and inquires her what to do. Ismihan says they will back Usman for presently and get freed of Nayman. Bayindir does not like this choice and after that begins to take after the gold that Malhun will disperse.
How to increase the status of Turks in World? What important actions are required to do on that behalf? Is there any strategy for them to achieve their goals? What would be the best way to Plan their resources?

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