Kurlus Osman Episode 32 With Urdu And English Subtitles

In the previous episode of Kurulus Osman

In the previous episode of Kurulus Osman, Kurlus Osman Episode 32 Dundar Bey and Hazal are talking in the Sogut, Flatyos burns his anger in the whole of Sogut. Ertugrul Bey orders to help the soldiers of Sogut and also rebuild the destroyed places. Savci Bey gets a message from a spy at the castle Inegol and comes to know that Flatyos was wrong. Goktug starts to prepare the Alps of plain for war. Savci Bey goes to the Inegol castle with his soldiers and kills the soldiers of Flatyos. Ertugrul Bey holds a meeting in the plain.


Ertugrul Bey

Ertugrul Bey announces that Gunduz Bey will administer of Kulucahisar castle. Savci Bey also comes and attends the meeting. Ertugrul Bey announces that Savci Bey will make a rule for the Alps in the plain. Osman Bey gets surprised to hear this decision. Nikola and Flatyos think about the death of soldiers in the castle and investigate whether the soldiers of Turks enter into the castle sneakily.

Osman Bey

Cerkutay reaches Konya finally and goes to the palace of Geyhatu. When Geyhatu is about to kill Cerkutay, he tells that Osman Bey has caught Monke. Geyhatu gets furious to hear that and says he will kill Osman Bey to regain his power. Osman Bey goes to the plain and tells his brother that Nikola was not wrong.

In episode 32 of Kurlus Osman

In episode 32 of Kurlus Osman, Ertugrul Bey and his family eat together that evening. Ertugrul Bey learns about secret intelligence. Ertugrul Bey says that Geyhatu with his soldiers will come to Sogut and decides to send an envoy for dealing with Geyhatu. Osman Bey says he wants to go there as an ambassador, but Ertugrul Bey gives this task to Savci. Osman Bey’s situation isn’t good. He is the only one against many.


Geyhatu goes to Sogut to retrieve her son from Osman. Ertugrul Bey plans a deal to resist Nikola and sends Dundar as an ambassador. After that, Savci is sent by Ertugrul to meet Geyhatu. Osman Bey follows Savci Bey, but sees Osman and stops him.


Ertugrul bey orders Osman to return to the plain. Dundar Bey goes to the fortress and tells Nikola about his deal. First Nikola does not want to deal with Dundar but after listening to him, he changes his mind. Savci Bey finds Geyhatu headquarters after his hard efforts, Savci Bey tells him that Osman Bey is innocent and that he knows where Monke is.

Dundar Bey

Geyhatu tells Savci to bring his son in three days. Dundar Bey tells about his argument with Nikola, but Osman Bey warns them to be aware of Nikola. When Savci returns, robbers attacked him. Savci Bey learns Monke’s location from these thieves and sets off immediately. Goktug stabs a soldier when he sees a Byzantine soldier attack a merchant in the market to stop him.

Goktug to jail

Further flatyos declares Goktug guilty. Dundar Bey sends Goktug to jail. Flatyos goes to the injured soldier’s room and kills him secretly. Savci Bey goes to the place where Monke is present and tries to survive him. Therefore Turks and Monke begin to kill robbers. Abdurrahman goes to the dungeon and saves Goktug. Goktug takes his sword and goes to meet Osman. Flatyos and Nikola go to Sogut.

Attack Kuluchaiser Castle

Nikola presumes that Goktug will die or there will be a big war.
Meanwhile, a note from Osman’s spy in Inegol Castle tells him that Aya Nikola is going to attack Kuluchaiser Castle. The note also tells him that there will be an attack from three sides. Helen who is Sofia’s right-hand woman has entered the Castle and placed poison in all their food. By the time of the attack, all the guards at Kuluchaiser should be dead.

Osman Bey to catch Goktug

When Ertugrul Bey is talking to Nikola at that time a soldier informs that Goktug has been escaped. Nikola gets furious but he calms him and gives him surety about a fair trial. Flatyos chases Osman Bey to catch Goktug. When Osman Bey is about to be caught by the spies of Flatyos, Bamsi appears and saves Osman Bey.

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