Kurulus Osman Episode 62 Urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 61, Camuha goes to the army area by as the order of Togay and lays out a snare for Osman. Cerkutay tracks down the mysterious base. Osman and his Alps move gradually, but he does not become suspicious of that. At the moment Boran says that the Mongols have reached near, Camuha shoots a bolt at Osman. Camuha rises out of his concealing spot and all the Mongolian warriors start to assault. At the point when Osman is going to kill Camuha, Mongolian fighters help him to escape. Osman feels that Togay escape from him and he will return to the plain at the suitable time. Nikola is glad with joy by hearing the news of Bamsi being dead in the battle and says that Osman will try to deliver retribution. Sheik emerges from the tent after the function and Osman begins making an arrangement with Umur. Cerkutay embraces Bamsi’s sword and begins to weep. Aygul accompanies Ahmed and attempts to comfort him. Not long after, Goktug comes and says he needs to get Bamsi’s sword. After Goktug takes the swords, he returns them to Cerkutay. Osman says that Togay broke the written values they made and send a message to Sultan about it. Goktug asks the Zoe about her reason of coming. Zoe wants to converse with Malhun and goes towards her tent. The house owner is ready to sell his house therefore he goes to Osman to inform him. Osman says they will discuss this later and sends the vendor. Malhun impresses with Zoe and wants that she would work for her. Osman gets a message from Sultan and promptly holds a gathering with the Beys. By leaving the Tribe, Zoe informs Goktug that she is currently working for Malhun. Nikola is ready to give new warriors to Togay in spite of Helen’s complaints. Osman reveals to Malhun that they will assault Togay to retaliate for Bamsi. Malhun convices Osman to go with him in the battle, but he stops her because he cares about her future. Osman gets ready all his soldiers and leave the tribe to vindicate Bamsi after a long discourse. Nikola, Togay, and Yason anticipate Osman’s appearance with an enormous armed force. Togay wants to kill Osman. The governor rises up out of his concealing spot and the warriors in Togay’s military vowed devotion to him. Yargucu orders to capture Togay’s and stops Osman. The governor wants to take Togay to Sivas to rebuff him and go away. Togay abruptly assaults the governor in the path, but the governor does not want to execute him yet. Nikola praises this triumph with his companions at the palace. Osman tells that the governor has caught Togay, however he has not abandoned Bamsi’s retribution. The governor and his military stop to take some rest at a hotel. The governor orders his warriors to take Togay to the basement of the hotel. Turhan take the Mongolian fighters to the basement of the hotel. Osman and his warriors furtively sit tight for Turhan outside the hotel. Turhan at that moment goes to Togay’s to bring food and says he will help him in return for a lot of gold. Togay acknowledges this offer and stand quietly. Turhan kills the guards and removes Togay from the basement. Togay and Camuha follow Turhan. Turhan takes Togay and Camuha out utilizing a mysterious entry in the hotel. He takes them to Osman. Then there begins a fight between Osman and Togay. Osman lay down the Togay on the ground very bravely.
What would be the next step of Osman? Is Osman kill Togay or not? What will governor do when he not find Togay in the cell? To know the answers watch the next episode 62 of Kurulus osman.

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