Usman begins investigating wounded soldiers in the mines and looking for an escape route. Olof believes Osman died in the explosion and he is very happy. Olof asks some of the soldiers to wait at the mine entrance and make arrangements. Osman wakes up the wounded soldiers one by one. Osman then tried to remove the stone at the entrance to the mine, but was unsuccessful. Osman recalls the difficulties he faced before and says that this situation will pass. Malhun realizes that Osman has not returned yet and asks Bala to look for him. Aladdin is very worried about her father. Malhun then invites all Bey to a meeting and says that Orhan is now in control. Bala and Aladdin accept Malhun offer. Marta brings the dough to the villa.
Usman says he will send a secret message to Malhun and prepare to attack Marmarasik. Bala cannot understand her husband’s plans. Osman states that Olof will attack the city with his entire army and will use this opportunity to capture the castle. Frigg tells Malhun that he is starting to get scared and what is going on at the mansion. Olof asks Frigg to bring him more information. Osman says he will go to the tribe and take soldiers from there to attack. Some beys who come to meetings are very uncomfortable with a small child being the boss. Orhan comes to the meeting sometimes later and asks Bayes for information. Bayindir asks where Osman is. Orhan says Osman’s work is a secret. Bayindir understands the situation and calms the troubled Bey.
Olof soon changes his plans and heads to the castle to kill Osman. Turgut and Konur save Turahan. Bindir begins bragging about taking over the castle. Bengi comes to the mansion and says he is looking for Okteam. Maruhan says he doesn’t know anything about him. Bengi continues talking and starts talking about Okteam’s first wife. Maruhan says everything will be fine soon. Frigg takes the spy to her shop and tells her the plan of attack. Kanzakuzenos comes to the mansion and says he wants to talk to the Maroons. Aisha comes to Marta’s store, but no one is there. Kantakuzenos asks where Osman is. Marhun says that Osman has captured Marmarasik and will remain there from now on. Kantakuzenos is shocked. Osman asks the captured Vikings to tell the commander everything. Olof attempts to attack the castle with his soldiers, but Osman manages to send them back.

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