Korolos Usman S3 EP 90

In the previous episode, Seljan goes to Usman tent and tells them that someone has attacked. While Usman is trying to understand the situation going on, Seljan says that Cornelia has an injury. Usman asks his Alps to find about this attacker immediately. Seljan tells them that while she was praying in her tent, a man from somewhere enters but Cornelia was injured. Barkin tells Ibrahim to remain with the tribe tonight and takes him to his tent. Bala and Selcan try to converse with Cornelia. Barkin’s man goes to the tent and informs him that he has implemented the plan. Ibrahim tells Barkin to remain careful about Usman and never underestimate him. Seljan reveals Cornelia’s necklace in front of Usman and informs that she give herself a poison to remain innocent. Bala informs Usman that she knows about a killing dagger under Cornelia’s pillow. Usman comes to know that Cornelia is a traitor and tells them that he will find out about her leader.
Usman says that Gunduz and Ayesha are nevertheless alive. Gunduz soon involves the tribe together with his better half. Turgut and Kosses apologizes first from Gunduz. Ibrahim and Barkin are very amazed to know about the condition. Nikola gets very indignant because his master is lifeless and kills Mateus. Arius arrives on the fortress after a little time. Selcan offers presents to the people of the tribe considering on behalf of Urhan. Usman makes a plan for the places he will overcome soon that and also informs to his fellows. Nikola says it’s time to kill Usman now. Usman gets a message for the duration of the assembly and knows that the Sultan is coming to Sogut soon. While Cerkutay is enjoying the dinner with his pals, Kayi comes. Kayi calls Cerkutay as a father for the initial time.
What would be the next episode coverings? How will the era of Conquest changes? What will be the new additions to the episodes? How many enemies will be involved for the coming episodes?


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