Samagar emerges from the dungeon and begins searching for Usman in the woods. Usman proceeds with Mesut to tell him his plans. The Sultan learned that Mesut had fled and asked the vizier to prepare an army at once. Samagal continues to follow the footprints in the forest. Usman tells him what Ismihan did in the border area and enlists Mesut’s assistance. Mesut says he will support Ottoman once he regains the throne. Samagal attacks with poisoned arrows and shoots Mesut. Usman is aware that the situation is extremely dangerous and states that he will slowly withdraw. Maruhan begins distributing supplies brought from the cave to the market. Bala requests Bengi to aid her, but Marhun give objection on that. Bara starts arguing with Marhun. Ismihan is annoyed with Frigg and says about Vikings which have failed.
Torgut comes to Usman’s aid. Usman catches Samaghar sometime later and executes him in the forest. Bala exits the building with the seal while Abdal attempts to heal Ismihan. Bengi talks to Esma and realizes it’s all a game. Bengi tells Ismihan that Bala is lying. Baindir, realizing that the Mongols would lose the war, decided to support the Ottomans. Usman does not believe Baindir and asks him to prove his loyalty. Bayindir agrees to rescue Konur from the dungeon. Bala goes to Usman with the stolen seal. Usman writes a new order on this seal. Frigg continues to torture Konur but is unable to get him to talk. Ismihan finds out that Usman killed Samaghar and he told Konur to tell him as soon as possible. Usman heads to the castle with the order he prepared.
What will be the new concept of tribe? How to relieve pain from tribe? What is the major cause of conflicts? How to convince people to unite? What circumstances lead to sudden decisions in war?

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