Korolos Usman S3 EP 92

Korolos Usman S3 EP 92

Kurulus Usman Season 3 Episode 92
Review of Episode 91
In the previous episode, Urhan quickly opens his eyes and wakes up Allauddin. Urhan tells that it is mandatory to get out of the dungeon quickly in order that nothing awful occurs to his father and starts hitting the bars. Byzantine infantrymen recognize that the Turkish kids are seeking to get away and they want to stop them. Urhan assaults the infantrymen coming into the dungeon. The soldier’s tight chains on Urhan and Aladdin. As Bala is ready to prompt for the fort again, Malhun comes and tells her what took place to the children. Malhun says they should attack the castle at once, however Usman stops them. Nikola tells the Lords how Usman will die that night. Arius says that once Usman’s dying, Barkin will take over Sogut. Usman asks all and sundry to behave according to his plan.
Meanwhile, Aktemur comes and facilitates the Turks. As the Kosses opens his eyes and he desires to warn Usman. Abdal calms Kosses down and informs him about the plan. Sheikh says there may be something appropriate in every event that appears horrific and asks Kosses to stay with peace. The warrior sent through Usman defeats the gladiator for a quick time. After this fight, the celebrations retain. Jerkutay tells Usman about all the things are ready. Justinyanus says that he managed food of very good taste for the Turks. Barkin holds a meeting with some Beys and tells them that Usman will die in Bilecik. Beys right now need to assist Usman, however Barkin stops them. Barkin says he has already sent his alps for assisstance and could protect Sogut from the infidels.
What would be the Urhan and Allaudine next move? How they will combine to make the enemies down? What will be the new step of Usman towards the new state?



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