Korolos Usman S3 EP 91

In the previous episode, Usman is on his way with his sons towards Inegol. Usman says that they may triumph over Inegol first and then Bursa. usman says that he will set up a first-rate kingdom quickly and asks his sons about wisdom questions. usman then goes along with his sons and enters a tunnel. When Urhan and Aladdin pop out of the tunnel, they see human beings preparing for struggle. Usman says that all the soldiers right here are getting ready to capture Inegol and is going to talk to Davt. Davt says that each one the catapults are prepared to assault the castle. Usman asks about these catapults and different war ammunition. Konur says that a caravan will come to Inegol soon. Urhan and Aladdin then pass hunting with Baysungur. Nikola talks to Simon and asks him to cover the direction of the caravan from all sides
Aygul examines the rugs a good way to be bought quickly and says she will ship them. Bala knows that Selcan is still controlling matters and asks her to relaxation. Selcan says she is very satisfied to peer Ertugrul’s tribe develop a lot. Usman rides alone for some time after which prays to Allah. Cerkutay later reveals Usman and talks about the infantrymen are guarding the caravan. Nikola later meets with a few governors and talks to them. Usman starts off evolved to wait by way of the facet of the street together with his squaddies. Urhan and Aladdin begin looking for a hunt by using the river. Justinyanus says that his daughter will quickly too old to marry Basileus. Basileus give invitations to all Lords to this wedding ceremony. Justinyanus says that he will call all Turkish leaders, which includes Kosses has a doubt and realizes something is inaccurate and asks why he wasn’t invited in advance.
What would be the next steps of Usman and his sons? How they will establish their state by making combined efforts? What would be the new challenges that they are about to face? How severe will be their consequences?


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