Korolos Usman Ep 89

In previous episode, Usman assaults Arius to take revenge from Ivaz. A brief time later, Boran and Barkin come to the wooded area. Barkin thinks Arius its time for Arius to die and begins to fear. Usman defeats Arius and tell him to that he will kill him. As Usman is set to kill Arius with his sword, Nikola comes together with his infantrymen. Nikola says he not allow him to kill his master die. Arius makes use of this possibility and starts off evolved to escape. While the Alps are combating the Byzantine infantrymen, Usman starts to comply with Arius. Bala says Sheikh changed into poisoned and summoned Abdal. Abdal tests Sheikh’s meals and says it’s far poisonous. Bala recalls that Cornelia added this dish and orders the soldiers to bring her. Usman assaults Arius again. Barkin is going to Arius earlier than Usman and facilitates him escape.
Usman learns what took place in Inhisar from Konur. Cornelia tells Barkin about she Malhon that she gave her a medication to sleep for a long time. Cornelia secretly poisons her own food and is going to Seljan. Cornelia begins to vomit. Selcan and Bala try to explore about Cornelia’s concerns. Sheikh do conversation with those who come to the dervish inn that night time approximately how to be an awesome Muslim. Cerkutay returns back to his home and sees a child there. Cerkutay does now not keep in mind that this toddler is Kayi and starts off evolved to eat with him. Kosses is going to Nikola’s fortress and do conversation with the Mateus. Kosses says he’s going to help Inhisar towards Turks. Usman then is going to a cave and talks to his helpers there. Usman learns that the Byzantine Emperor will quickly send many infantrymen to Inegol. Kosses says that if they aquire take Inhisar, they will depart Nikola in a miserable condition.
Turgut and Kosses goes to Inhisar. Mateus says that Nikola will arrive soon and keeps waiting on. Nikola says that the help sent by means of the Emperor will come quickly and have a plan to assault. Ibrahim arrange wedding between Barkin and Selvi. Usman assaults Inhisar and says Mateus is a terrible ruler. Usman knows that the castle belongs to the Turks and asks Turgut to cling the flags. Usman says that the following goal is Inegol and continues to put in force his plan. Cornelia secretly do conversation with Arius to inform him about the suspection of Seljan. Usman realizes that Barkin is attempting to take the location of Umur and Ivaz. Malhon receives irritated due to the fact she wasn’t invited to this assembly. Arius talks to Barkin once more and says that he will become stronger due to this marriage.
What would be the next step of infidels? How adebali treat his Sheikh? What will be the new journey of hardships for them? How Malhon respond to the Belic selection?


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