Korolos Usman Ep 88

In Kurlus Usman Episode 88, Fakih returns right away after the explosion inside the lodge and tries to help Usman. Usman opens his eyes after a brief while and attempts to understand about the things. Usman orders to close the Sogut entrances faster. Cornelia and Selvi start to mention that Gunduz has done the explosion in Sogut. Usman saves Sheikh with his squaddies and takes him to the health center at once. Erdogdu tells Gunduz that there has been an exploded attack in Sogut and many humans comes to death. Erdogdu says that the people blame Gunduz for all the deeds which has done by them and points out guilty to him. Gunduz says he wants to free himself from the guilt and decided to get himself to be cleaned. Usman catches the assaulters by his wisdom. Gunduz disappears with Aisha. Cornelia informs Selvi about Gunduz is going to be escaped. Selvi straight away takes movement to seize Gunduz.
Barkin wants to poison Sheikh Edebali so that he asks the Cornellia for this purpose. Usman goes to the jail and starts speak with Gunduz. Gunduz ran away to find the offender. Usman calms down Gunduz and tells him about the plan. Nikola realizes the secrete message in the crimson apple and goes down to the woods. Nikola meets his vintage trainer Aryus and asks him why he got here. Usman begins the trial and tell about the punishment for Gunduz. Konur brings the evidence to the court docket, however Gunduz says he’s harmless. Kosses gets angry and attempts to assault Gunduz. Nikola says that Kosses and Turgut will leave Usman as soon as possible. Aryus says that Ivaz is coming to assist Usman, however he will kill him. While Selcan is cooking for Sheikh, Cornelia appears secretly and pure down poison in the soup.
Nikola asks to Kosses as he wanted to kill Gunduz. Kosses tells him that Gunduz is killed by him and he has nothing to do with Usman now. Nikola says about the security of the forts on the border. Fakih prepares to pray someplace inside the woodland. Ivaz sees Fakih and asks about him. After talking for a while, Ivaz starts to wish with Fakih. Usman sees the tracks on the road and realizes that Ivaz has long past to every other region. Fakih kills Turkish squaddies during prayer. After the prayer is over, Ivaz assaults Fakih but fails. Usman quickly reveals martyr infantrymen within the wooded area. Kumral Abdal tells about the poison given to the Sheikh. Usman want to attack the man wearing the mask on th efface and begins to fight.
What would Usman do to know the truth about assault? How they will coordinate with each other effectively to know the truth? What would Barkin do to hurt Usman? How they will reveal the truth?


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