Korolos Usman Ep 87

In previous episode, Some individuals in Sogut take apples from somebody. There is a secret message inside these apples. Individuals who get this message go to a mystery house in Sogut. An elderly person asks individuals who arrived at this mystery meeting to awaken and lets them know that they will obliterate the Turks soon. Mari’s partner is additionally one of the participants of this mystery meeting. Cornelia takes poison from this elderly person and says that she will harm Mari with it. The elderly person says that after Mari’s demise, Turgat and Geyhatu will begin battling. Malhun says she is exceptionally miserable after her dad’s memorial service. says that he will continuously be with Mari and that he will retaliate for Usman. Usman then, at that point, goes to converse with the Sultan and lets him know that his past choice was out of line.
Ruler says that Usman should pass on. Usman lets Sultan know that he will tell the real factors and calls the observers to the tent individually. In the first place, the vizier’s government operative, and afterward Mingiyan, starts to talk. A brief time frame later, Nikola and Kosses show up. The Lords tell about the understanding Usman made with the Emperor and what he did in the area. Usman goes to the confined tent and gets ready to give Geyhatu to the Sultan. Malhun attempts to kill Geyhatu, yet Usman stops his better half. King says that Usman is totally honest and gives him the terrains in the boundary region. Usman says that he will win more triumphs with the troopers that the Sultan will send. An elderly person named Ibrahim Fakih goes to the hotel in Sogut and says he came from Samarkand. This elderly person meets with Barkin that evening and says they will consume Sogut soon.
The elderly person says that Cornelia will begin the extraordinary conflict. Aisha plans nourishment for Mari and gives the plate to Cornelia. Cornelia subtly adds toxin to the food and places the vacant container in Aisha’s tent. Usman calls the officers to his tent that evening and starts discussing how they will go after Inegol. Akca lets Usman know how they can break the dividers of Inegol. Cornelia takes the harmed food to Mari. Gunduz advises how to take the launches around the palace, yet Turgut objects to him. Subsequent to thinking for some time, Usman acknowledges Gunduz’s arrangement. Turgut then, at that point, gets back to his tent and starts conversing with Mari. Usman goes to Sogut the following day and converses with the shippers on the lookout. In the interim, Ibrahim goes to the market and converses with a shipper. Mari out of nowhere becomes sick that morning and starts to upchuck blood. Turgut overreacts a ton and promptly attempts to take more time to Abdal.
Seljan says Gunduz could never do something like this. Usman goes to his tent and asks Selcan what occurred in the clan. Aygul tells Usman what Gunduz had done in the clan previously. Usman says Gunduz isn’t a terrible individual. Selcan goes to converse with Gunduz. Gunduz says he is blameless and will observe the individual who submitted this death. Usman understands that the primary motivation behind this death was to create problems before the success. Usman says that the success development will proceed with regardless and requests that his spouses address this occasion as quickly as time permits. Barkin lets Ibrahim know what occurred in the clan. Kosses requests that Usman find the criminal straightaway. Usman says he isn’t certain about whether Gunduz is liable or not. Turgut is extremely shocked to hear this and requests that Usman settle this case.


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