Korolos Usman Ep 86

In previous episode, Usman holds a gathering in the wake of eating with his loved ones. Usman want to stop Geyhatu and Vizier. Usman says that there is one more swindler in the boundary district and that he will know as soon as possible about this man. Kumral and the blacksmith say they are prepared for the impending conflict. Usman says that Turgut is the leader of the soldiers in the clan. The vizier discovers that Usman want to hold a gathering and says that he will trap him. Usman converses with Gundoz after the gathering is finished and requests him to talk about their affairs. The vizier discovers that Konur is working for Usman and lays out a snare. Konur converses with Dervish to enlighten Usman concerning the Vizier’s snare. King discovers that Usman made an arrangement with the Emperor and decides to go to the line area.
Nikola visits the Kosses palace and asks for help. Kosses says it is undeniably challenging to trust Nikola. In the mean time, an agent of Usman comes and calls the Lords to the clan. Umur sees his warriors dead and becomes exceptionally disturbed. Barkin kills Umur gradually and says he will kill Malhun later. Usman goes alone to the Mongolian base in the backwoods. Geyhatu gets Usman right away and lets him know that he will torment him for quite a while. Geyhatu says that other Beys will gain an example from the present circumstance. Usman’s hidden troopers start the assault and the black powder containers explode. While the Mongolian troopers were passing on in progressive blasts, Usman caught Geyhatu. Usman says to his troopers take the spoils to the Mongolian base and moves out with Geyhatu. Barkin converses with a portion of his troopers and kills them since they know his facts.
Geyhatu says that Usman is a little man and every one of the clans in the boundary area will die. Usman then, at that point, goes to meet with Orhan. That evening, Sheikh comes to the clan and sees his grandson. The following morning, Barkin shows up sooner than expected for the clan. Malhun sees her dad’s dormant body and begins to cry. Barkin says that Mongolian warriors went after while coming to the clan. Malhon crys by seeing her lovely father’s dead body. Usman says now is the right time to rebuff the oppressors. The officers take Geyhatu and the Vizier before Usman’s tent. Usman blames these individuals for killing honest individuals. In the mean time, the Sultan comes to the clan and requests that Usman stop. Usman say that it’s time to see the truth by the Sultan by his open eyes. King says that Usman is a swindler and wants that he the captives must be freed. Usman punishes the Vizier in front of everybody.
What will be the next move of Usman towards Geyhatu? Will he kill Geyhatu or not? How they will punish all the rebels? How Sultan will come to know about Usman innocence? To watch all these facts visit our webiste www.HistoricSeries.com


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