Korolos Usman Ep 85

In previous episode, As Bala makes dresses for her quickly-to-be-born infant, the hard work pains start. Selcan knows that Bala is in hard pains and is going to check her. Later, Malhun and Aygul went to the tent. Usman says he’ll kill Geyhatu irrespective of what and continues to comply with him. Cerkutay can no longer combat as he is badly injured. Nikola learns that the case is getting bad and returns to his palace along with his soldiers. Vizier captures most of Usman’s soldiers and says they’re brutals. Usman follows the strains of blood he sees inside the woodland and search out for Geyhatu. Usman reveals Geyhatu shortly after, but Mongolian soldiers prevent him.While Usman is ready within the wooded area, Mongolian soldiers find and assault him yet again. Selcan takes Bala’s infant, but the child not cry. Bala again and again asks why her toddler is not crying. Selcan takes the infant in her hands and the child starts to cry. Bala learns that her baby is alive and learns that she is blessed with a son. Geyhatu talks about his preceding cruelties and says he’ll kill Usman this time. Bala takes her son in her hands and thanks to Allah oftentimes. Usman sees Bala in his dream that night and takes his new child son in his hands. Usman wakes up involved. Usman then prays to Allah and asks him for help. The vizier’s spy continues to search the wooded area to find the girls. Cerkutay as he opens the eyes, tells his buddies that he is ok.Usman sees Bala’s horse in the wooded area and starts offevolved to comply with it. When Selcan is ready to fight with the Vizier’s squaddies, Usman comes and saves the girls. Usman then enters the cave and sees Bala. Usman takes up his new child in his hands and thanks Allah. Usman calls his son as Aladdin Ali. Usman returns the tribe and orders to start the celebrations. Sheikh tells anyone about the child Aladdin Ali and everyone prays for him. Usman eats with his visitors and Konur starts to sing. The Vizier is informed that Usman is back to the tribe and says he’s going to kill anybody there. The Vizier says that his soldiers should be prepared for a primary assault. Usman takes his two sons and says that its near to develop the kingdom.
Will Usman become successful in making the new Kingdom? How he will make the new Kingdom with his Sons? What will Vizier Shah do with Usman? How Usman will defeat Geyhatu? Will Nikola remain honest with the Usman or not? To watch all these facts visit our webiste www.HistoricSeries.com


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