Korolos Usman Ep 84

In the previous Episode, Usman wants to kill Gunduz so he asks for his Sheikh permission. Sheikh asks Usman to pay attention to the compassion in his coronary heart and forgive Gunduz. Usman is amazed and starts to pay attention. Sheikh asks Usman he should show mercy to his brother. Usman recalls what Sheikh stated and denied to kill Gunduz. Gunduz says he regrets what he has completed and begins paying attention to Usman. Mingiyan goes to Nikola’s fort and says that he will look at the infantrymen. Nikola says he has a marvel and brings Rogatus. Nikola says that Rogatus is aware of Usman’s vicinity and starts offevolved to torture him. Usman asks Gunduz to make for his mistake and asks him to put in force his plan. Rogatus can’t take it anymore and tells Mingiyan wherein Usman is.
Usman tells the Beys about the help that they will provide to Nikola and tell them about the Emperor’s agreement. The Beys calm down after what Usman said. After the meeting, Usman asks Gunduz what he was talking with Geyhatu. Gunduz says he’ll not forget his mistake till he dies. Usman then says he desires to have dinner together with his complete family. Sultan’s younger brother Gungor visits the Vizier and tells him that the situation within the border location is getting weird with time. The vizier says that Geyhatu is the largest trouble in this land and he want to kill him quickly. Gungor says he turns into Sultan as he kills Geyhatu. Usman talks about the previous occasions and begins eating with his relatives. Gunduz says he regrets his mistake and wants to ask for an apology from Selcan. Selcan wants to forgive Gunduz. Later, Malhun and Bala forgive Gunduz.
Kosses returns to his fort and begins to speak to Gunduz. Gunduz says that he will be ready to shed blood for this fortress but gave it to Kosses to fulfill Usman’s orders. Geyhatu goes to the location Rogatus said that this region is best for an assault. Nikola suggests his soldiers and says that he become the first individual to come right here. Nikola continues to talk and tells that Rogatus has also come to battle. Geyhatu comes to know that Mingiyan has been deceived. Later, Usman comes with his infantrymen and tells them that he will kill Geyhatu so that he will reach his place to hell. Geyhatu says that these traps are of no use. They will not kill him. Mongolian squaddies begin to die separately because of the poison and Geyhatu thinks that Usman did it. Gungor comes out of hiding and says he’ll kill all people. Geyhatu starts offevolved to run away wounded along with his squaddies. Gungor attacks and injures Usman. While Usman is trying to stop Geyhatu, the Vizier reached and stops everyone.
What will be the next work that will Usman do to punish Vezier? How they will make the plans to kill Geyhatu? What will be the name of Usman’s Son? How the Selcan Khatun will operate the Bala in this serious condition? The historic series will provide you the platform to know about the historical events in the past.


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