Korolos Usman Ep 83

In the previous episode, When Usman is ready to kill Nikola, he offers up and offers to be collectively in opposition to the bad enemy. Nikola is surprised by using this and says he doesn’t want anybody. Usman says Mongolian soldiers with twenty thousand people will come quickly. Nikola is amazed again while he hears this quantity. Geyhatu is surprised about the Mongolian soldiers coming soon and says he will take the hold of Anatolia. Vizier knows that Sultan Mesud is able do something, however Geyhatu tells him that he should not need to worry. At the same time, a Mongolian soldier says that they could not kill Nikola. Geyhatu gets very irritated with this information and says he’s going to start the attack. Geyhatu asks Gunduz keep on going with the agreement and ship infantrymen. Usman says about the castles that the Mongols will be destroyed earlier and says that Nikola should be with the Turks.Turgut says they ought to not trust Nikola. Rogatus want to tell Usman about the events occurred with him. The vizier secretly starts offevolved to plan a plan to stop Geyhatu. Rogatus is going to Nikola’s castle and says that he does now not need to be work under Turgut. Mari tells Turgut that she is pregnant. The subsequent day, Usman meets Nikola and moves out to talk to the Emperor. Geyhatu knows the Mongolian shaman taking a ritual performance and kills him. Turgut starts to wait within the wooded area with the whole navy. Turgut knows that Geyhatu is within the wooded area along with the Vizier and stop for the time being for his selection to attack. Cerkutay puts at the shaman’s clothes and is going a few of the Mongolian infantrymen. Cerkutay prays with the soldiers. Geyhatu involves this base within the woodland and says those soldiers are very professional. Geyhatu then examins the gunpowder in the chests. Malhun begins buying with Aygul in Sogut. Nikola want to go to the Geyhatu that’s why he sent a message soon. The vizier thinks that Nikola is doing mystery things and goes to the Mongolian base. Gunduz becomes happy to Malhun for catching Julia. Rogatus returns to Nikola’s citadel after the struggle and says it was a superb experience to work with the Turks. Nikola shows the Emperor’s settlement with Usman and then sets out. Selcan and Bala visit the jail tent. Selcan is sorry for Julia’s condition in front of her and asks her to pray. Julia cuts the ropes using knife, but within the interim, Boran comes. Boran forces Julia in order to drink the poison that she used earlier for his wife. Usman meets at night with the Sheikh. Sheikh says that he wants to construct an institute to train scholars who will serve the nation that Usman will set up.
Will Usman make the new state for the Turks? How Muslims rule on the infidels? What Nikola want to do with Usman? How Geyhatu will take the revenge from Usman? Why Nikola deceive Usman? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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