Korolos Usman Ep 82

In the previous episode, Usman injured Alemshah and want to kill him. Meanwhile, the infantrymen in Sogut go to the resort and assault Usman. Usman asks the Alps no longer to kill the Seljuk squaddies. Selcan wakes up after some time and asks about Usman. Alemshah find himself in his own room when he wakes up. The vizier then opens the balcony door and spills his blood at the ground. The vizier wants to open the door and hides himself. Usman want to tie the Seljuks soldiers by tying their hands. Meanwhile, according to the Alps the Vizier disappears. Usman thinks that the Vizier has escaped and asks his infantrymen to search for him. Nikola immediately act to take his revenge from the Vizier. The vizier attempts to stop bleeding from the wound in his secret chamber. Kosses is happy and congratulates Usman for fighting against Geyhatu. Boran says he is happy due to the fact they have got a brave heroic Bey like Usman. Selcan says to Malhun to take Orhan and says she doesn’t accept Gunduz as trustful bey. Malhun becomes ready to go to the tribe. Geyhatu orders his squaddies to assault to take returned the vizier. Sheikh and the Turks start to shield Sogut. Usman may be very satisfied while he sees that the Turks are seeking to defend the big city. Then Gunduz returns to Sogut. Gunduz asks Geyhatu to move back and no longer attack the town. Geyhatu says that what Usman did become wrong, and that’s why he’s going to kill him. Gunduz says he’s going to talk to Usman and stops Geyhatu from doing so. Thereupon, the Mongolian infantrymen stopped the assault. Gunduz goes to the lawn of the inn and starts off evolved speaking to Usman.Vizier considers Konur and Ferman dead. Geyhatu orders to kill Nikola to die as quickly as feasible. Gunduz comes to know that Aisha gave Orhan to Malhun and gets irritated with her. Aisha says Malhun and remaining womens ought to cross returned to the tribe. Gunduz already given an order for the ladies whom he exiled to come back and that he will shield Orhan regardless of what. Bala and Malhun leaves the Sheikhs place and says good-bye. Sheikh says it would be good for them to have girls and Orhan inside the tribe. Usman sends Rogatus to the fortress and sets out to locate Nikola. Mongolian infantrymen stop Nikola inside the forest. Bala and Malhun soon go back to the tribe. Gunduz asks the girls coming back to the tribe not to cause any hassle. Usman and the Turks remains involve in conflict in the forest. Nikola thinks that the Turks attacked him however later realizes that he turned into incorrect. Nikola attacks Usman. Usman says he’s going to kill Nikola irrespective of what, however that day isn’t these days.
What the Gehatu will do against Usman and Nikola? How they will resolve the conflict? Will Usman kill Nikola or not? How they will join together against Gehatu? What would Nikola’s plan against Gehatu and Usman? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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