Korolos Usman Ep 75

The amazing series are here to develop the viewers interest either by creating lovely scene or by fighting the battle. Here at one side Mari is in Kayi Tribe and at the other side Boran becomes the captive of Kurulus Usman. There is need to get the boran free from the Kurulus Usman’s terror because he wants to get Mari back. Osman was already very dishearted for so much casualty’s
attack on the escaping sodiers of the Crusaders. They get rid of all the soldiers that way. But there was a clamity waiting for them. There’s a huge explosion there and every soldier was injured badly. Many of the soldiers become the martyrs. Boran and the many soldiers are under the heavy luggage. But the Osman tries to get his soldiers free from the clamity. Meanwhile the Turgut and the Mari were caught by the Kurulus Usman. Kurulus Usman starts to oppress the Turgut with the power. Mari tries to stop Kurulus Usman but he did not stop. At that time Abdal was passing by the way, he informs Malhon about the attack. Malhon with the soldier’s attack Kurulus Usman and get the Mari and Turgut from them. Kurulus Usman was very upset from this defeat. When Kurulus Usmans knows that his sister is under the Kayi tribe, he became furious and decides to get his sister back from the Turks. He goes to the tribe and wants to meet with Osman. He wants to give his sister back but Mari not want to go back to the place where her words are not of worth importance. Osman deny to give back Mari to them. Kurulus Usmans warn him that he would attack Kayi tribe for this act along with the big army. Osman says he would nit be able to warn him in his tribe. Kurulus Usmans go back and when the Kurulus Usman knows that he left blank handed without Mari, he attacks Kurulus Usman. He says that due to Kurulus Usmans he lost his worth. It will be such a shame for him that his bride leaves him at the wedding day. Then Rogatus somehow calms both of them by reviving the promise they made. After that Seljuk Vazir Alemshah come with the soldiers to help them. He says he will get back Mari from the tribe. Then Kurulus Usman had the very important thing which they can use is Boran Alp. They torture him badly one by one. Julia tell him how she kill her wife Gonca. Boran was filled with anger and want to take his revenge. Osman on the other hand not let the Boran Alp alone in the hands of the enemy so he decided to get back his Alp with the proper plan
What will Osman do take his Soldier back? Is it would be safe for the Turgut and the Mari to get marry? How Osman will handle the Kurulus Usman and the Governors?


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