Korolos Usman Ep 74

The interesting series are enjoyed and loved due to their lessons from which the people learnt. It becomes possible to learn the facts about the past history. We will be able to know the good and the bad things. As this series describes the valuable events and traditions of the Muslims which would be enjoyed by everyone.
Review of Episode 73
In previous episode of KURULUS USMAN, Usman saves the children and says it’s time to take Inegol. Usman wants to save their people and tries to destroy the walls of the castle by throwing stones through catapult. Usman says that he will first seize an iron mine so as to conquer Inegol and sends Davud to this mine. Davud enters the mine as a labor with other Alps. Mari says she will not marry Kurulus Usman, however Kurulus Usman forces her. Mari tells Cornelia to inform Turgut about the marriage with Kurulus Usman. Davud tells Usman what he found out about the mine. Kurulus Usman and Rogatus argue over Graygor’s failure. Meanwhile, the governor comes and says that he’s going to meet Usman quickly. Kurulus Usman says that the governor betrayed the Christians, but Saguros does now not listen to them. Usman says he can effortlessly enter Inegol and thanks to Saguros. Saljan talks to Goktug and tells him that Hera is unmarried. Kurulus Usman talks to the soldiers who’re going to kill the governor and asks them now not to make a screw up. Saljan Hatun convinces Goktug to marry Hera. A soldier of Turgut is going to the castle and tells Cornelia that she desires to be organized for escape. Usman is going to Sogut with the governor. The Governor may be very amazed to peer how big Sogut is and maintains to tour the city. Usman interacts the sheikh with the Governer in the Sogut. Sheikh suggests the traders and explains how the products are of such high first-class. Meanwhile, Julia attempts to tackle the governor however, fails. Kurulus Usman asks Kurulus Usman about marriage. Kurulus Usman says he attempted to steer Mari to have this marriage. Kurulus Usman orders Mari not to go to the Turgut. Mari goes to Turgut and runs away to the forest with him. Kurulus Usman asks all his soldiers to comply with Turgut. Usman goes close to the iron mine and tells his men about the assault plan. Byzantine soldiers comply with Mari through the help of trained dogs. The Turks start to attack the mine. Cerkutay realizes that Usman is beginning to attack and kills the Byzantines in the mine. Usman seizes the mine a brief time later. Turgut enters a mystery properly with Mari to hide from Kurulus Usman. Kurulus Usman realizes that Turgut is there and attempts to open the doorway. Rogatus watches Usman’s assault with Julia. Since Rogatus found out of Usman’s attack in advance, he makes a plan with Kurulus Usman. Kurulus Usman fills the mine with the hazardous material to cause destruction in the mine. Rogatus gives clue to the soldiers to burst the bomb when Usman goes into. When Usman is set to go into the mine, there’s a huge explosion.
What would happen in the next episode? How Usman protects his soldiers from the explosion? Is it would be safe for them or not? What would be the next track of Kurulus Usman for Usman? Keep watching Historic Series for the thrilling episodes.


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