Korolos Usman Ep 73

The fantastic and amazing series is filled with joy and reflects the dignity of Islam. It shows how the problems were solved on the basis of Islamic view.
Review of Episode 21
In the previous episode of Ku, Byzantine soldiers understand that Usman has entered the fortress and start to assault them. Usman realizes that Turgut’s life is in threat and takes motion to store him. Rogatus takes Turgut in prison and waits for Usman to come back. A brief time later, Usman comes and saves Turgut. Usman and his soldiers manipulate to escape the usage of the secret passage inside the castle. Usman returns to the tribe and says that the children have been taken to the Hristos monastery. Cerkutay sneaks into the monastery and tries to gather records. The next day, Usman plans an assault in order to save the Turkish children. While Usman is speaking to his soldiers within the wooded area, the Byzantines attack them. Rogatus reveals the clue that Ahmed left for Usman inside the dungeon and sends the children to other region. Usman not want to lose his soldiers and children as well.
Usman returns to the tribe and says he cannot succeed in returning back the children. Usman sees the crying women and at once goes to his tent. Usman prays to Allah for the Children. Turkish children visit Aya Yorgi monastery through order of Rogatus. Kurulus Usman and Kurulus Usman assume that their Turkish childrens will quickly end up as Christians. Kurulus Usman says that Graygor has started out to enforce the plan and they may attack Sogut quickly. Meanwhile, Graygor visits Usman and says he is very sorry for the abducted children. Usman likes this behaviour of Graygor very lot. Usman says he’s going to find the children. Ahmed is very unhappy approximately all that has came about and starts to hope to Allah.
Bahadir meets Gokce and tells her that they’ll soon break out from the tribe. Usman then catches the real priest, who is trying to go to the monastery together with his squaddies. Kumral comes to the monastery and starts offevolved talking to Rogatus. Julia is angry and want to slap Ahmed then Abdal saves the children. Rogatus could be very inspired by means of what Abdal says. While Gokce is attempting to break out within the woodland, Bahadir kills her. Abdal talks to Rogatus over again after which goes to see the kids. Abdal tells the guards within the kids’s room that they have to admit. Abdal then ties the two Byzantine soldiers and leaves the room with the kids. Rogatus thinks that Abdal is unaware of Latin so he stops him on the way. But when the Abdal talks to him in Latin and tell him about moving the children towards the kitchen then he realizes that Abdal is speaking truth. Rogatus goes to check on the soldiers in the room and realizes that they’ve been neutralized via the priest.
Graygor learns from the spies that the task has been finished and eagerly awaits the assault of the Byzantine army. Kurulus Usman, Kurulus Usman, and Rogatus meet outdoor of Sogut. Kurulus Usman tells his friends that they will blow up Sogut quickly and then take over it. That night, the spies secretly take movement and try to detonate the gunpowder filled jugs. Graygor secretly waits for a long term, but whilst he hears no explosion, he realizes that some thing is incorrect. Usman’s soldiers kill these spies one after the other. Usman sooner or later catches Graygor within the center of Sogut. Graygor apologizes to Usman generally. Usman tells Graygor that he discovered all of his plans from Akca and accuses him of seeking to kill harmless human beings. Usman says that the penalty for this crime is dying and executes Graygor. Later, the humans depart their homes and research why Usman killed Graygor.
What would happen in the next episode? How they defeat the Muslims? What steps they would take next? who will be there next target? Historic series provide you to watch the amazing episodes of Kurulus Usman.


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