Korolos Usman Ep 72

KU is filled joy and it is considered to be the most trending series not in the Turkey but globally. It inspired all the world by reviving the glory of the Muslims that how Muslim’s rule in the world. It shows the Faith on ALLAH ALMIGHTY. The series shows the creativity and the planning of the Muslims and inspires to deal with the difficulties through different angles.
Review of KURULUS USMAN episode 71
The episode begins as the Usman among with his Alps and the Tekfur were filled with suffocation due to the poison that were given to them by the maid in the Sharbat. Malhun Khatoon has the cure to the poison as she was given by the Derwaish, the bottles for the cure of any poison. She understands their situation and give the medicine to all the people affected by the poison. After that they were feeling good and start to investigate about the cause. When Usman know about the cause the maid suicide without telling anything. On the other hand, Guncha Hatun was sleeping in the tent. Meanwhile, Julia came in the tent and hit an arrow with the bow. The arrow was poisoned. It immediately make the Guncha down. Then she starts to find the relic. She found the relic and then want to kill Bala. Bala was sleeping but she comes to know that something gone wrong there. There was a big fight of Bala and Julia. Bala succeeded to take the relic from her. Meanwhile the Salcan Hutun and Gundoz came there. Guncha was attacked by the Julia with the sword also. Guncha was badly injured. She was suffering from too much pain. So, she cannot survive with this pain and go to her death bed. All were very upset from the death of Guncha. Usman came to the tribe and know about the death of Guncha. He unites the people again. While in Sogut, the children were caught by the enemies and sent to the castle. They were kept as captive there. While Usman and his tribe comes to know about the children, they started to make plan to attack on the castle of Rogatus. They go to the castle secretly and start to fight with the enemies because without protecting the children, they cannot attack the enemies openly.
Will Usman become successful in protecting the children from the enemies? How they will take the revenge from the infidels? What would be the next situation created from this act? Stay connected with the Historic series for the upcoming episodes.


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