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Kurulus Osman Season 2:

Kurulus Osman series specializes in the lifestyles of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugul Ghazi, a well-known Turkmen Qai tribe of 400 tents, and the founding father of the Ottoman Empire, who has based a Muslim Turkish state that lasted for 600 years. Osman Bey was very fair and kind to the humans of the Qai tribe of Turkmen Turks, who must have given the poor a good meal once a week. Osman Ghazi was an outstanding leader and justice ruler.

Episode 47 Review:

In Episode 47, Osman Bey and the Alps start trying to find the only one who slaughtered Idris, but multiple people attack Osman. Bayhoca facilitates Osman Bey. Boran Alp reveals the jewelry of one of the lifeless men. A guy receives his pony and begins off evolving, jogging closer to the woods. Osman and Bayhoca comply with the only who is going to the woodland. Osman Bey shoots this man with a bolt and slaughters him. Afterward, Osman Bey opens the man’s face but would not have a clue what his identification is. Bayhoca says that this man isn’t a Muslim. A couple of people take Dundar to a mysterious spot, but meanwhile, Dundar is aware that he dropped his ring.

Malhun Hatun reveals the ring on the floor however doesn’t inform anybody concerning it. Osman Bey comes for a while and says that he has become not able to discover the real deceiver. Dundar meets with the investors and discovers that they may be Catholic authorities’ agents. Osman Bey seems on the bolt that slaughtered Idris and is aware that the man or woman who performed him becomes. Osman Bey Takes a gander at the neckband Boran Alp located and ordered that Idris’ tent become seemed at. The authorities’ agent agents communicate with Dundar and say they want to assist him. Petrus plans to make use of Geyhatu’s army Togay so Umar would not assist Osman Bey. Goktug visits Nikola and offers him mystery plans from Osman.

Osman Bey advises that Nikola will visit Constantinople and plans to attack them. Nikola suggests the reviews of Osman Bey to the Catholic covert agents. Petrus says the reviews are proper and he’ll deliver Goktug the gold he desires. Dundar plans to teach the investors concerning Osman’s attack plan. Malhun Hatun is going to Osman’s tent and asks which of her extended family needs to settle. Osman Bey desires to ship them around Bolu, but Malhun Hatun gadgets to this choice. Osman Bey says that Umar raised Malhun Hatun properly and gave them higher land. Malhun Hatun says way to Osman Bey. Osman Bey at that factor addresses Selcan Hatun and requests that she convey her extended family. Selcan Hatun is content with this information.

In Episode 47, Sheik Edebali is going to the spot that Osman Bey readied as a Dervish keep up and asks people there what came about in his nonattendance. Dundar is going to the song into Sheik Edebali’s words. Sheik Edebali starts by discussing the spots he has visited formerly and the researchers he met. Sheik Edebali at that factor tells how substantial sympathy is. Bayhoca has a fable and advises this fable to his mother. At the factor, while Bayhoca is in a tent, a chook emerges from his mouth. This chook flies and is going far. Dundar visits the companies that evening. Flatyos eliminates Goktug from the jail and famous to him that someone will deliver him the gold while the possibility arrives. Goktug continues actualizing Osman’s association bit via way of means of a bit.

While Gonca is putting in the manual to be circulated, Bala Hatun tells her that she needs to wed Boran Alp soon. After a short time, Malhun Hatun suggests up and inquires as to whether or not the soldiers understand. Bala Hatun would not utter a phrase to Malhun Hatun. Cerkutay discloses to Osman Bey that Nikola is on his way. Upon this, Osman Bey tells his officials that their struggles need to be brief and they need to homicide Nikola regardless. Umar peruses the letter dispatched via way of means of his little lady and begins off evolving, deliberating Osman’s circumstance. Umar says that Osman Bey will both trap the Byzantine palace or Osman’s realm might be obliterated. Then, Osman Bey furtively sticks across the path that Nikola will utilize. Bit via way of means of bit, Nikola and his warriors fall into Osman’s snare.

In Episode 47, With Osman’s sign, first, the bowmen and in a while, the Alps start to attack. Helen arranges the Byzantine officials to make certain Nikola. Flatyos assaulted from in the back of and Bayhoca becomes harmed at the same time as Osman Bey becomes going over Nikola. Osman Bey sees that the warring parties pushed via way of means of Flatyos are coming to assist Nikola. While Dundar is consumed in the motel, Malhun Hatun comes and begins off evolving asking him inquiries. Dundar desires to go away without responding to those inquiries, but Malhun Hatun stops him. Malhun Hatun says that Osman Bey would not consider Dundar and this is the purpose he did not take him to the fight. Nikola profits from Petrus that Osman Bey deliberately attacks and asks him from whom he took on this data.

Episode 48 Trailer:

Who do you think will come to Osman’s help in the war? Who could be this Black Shaman Togay? How did Nikola get to the emperor? Will Osman find out about his Uncle’s betrayal? Why was Bamsi upset when he heard the name of Black Shaman Togay?

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