KO Episode 112

Usman slowly enters the city with his soldiers. On Ismihan’s orders, the Seljuk soldiers burned most of the city down, damaging everything. Esma secretly tell to Bala and inform about the message. Bala knows the message and get to know that Ismihan has kidnapped Sheikh. Bala tries to collect more information about this message, but fails. Usman fights and advances further by approaching Darby’s hut. Seljuk soldiers continue to attack with arrows. Mesut continues to hide where Sheikh said he is, waiting for a convenient time to go out. Ismihan goes to Marmarasik with Sheikh. Oktem asks why he came Sheikh and is very surprised by this situation. Ismihan says Sheikh has been arrested and sends him to the dungeon. After Bala talks to her daughter, she secretly leaves her mansion.
Frigg went to Baindir’s room and asked him to give his treasure to Izmihan. Bayindir accepts this offer and leaves the castle to prove his loyalty. Turgut stops the Sultan as he moves towards Marmarasik. Turgut conveyed to the Sultan a message prepared by Ismihan, asking him to go to Sogut. The Grand Vizier does not accept this offer, but the Sultan said they would go to Sogt. Usman visits his father’s grave and reflects on his earlier life. Usman says he is very careful now and is praying for his father with his sons. The Sultan goes to Sogut and finds all the people sick. The Sultan orders the palace doctor to come as soon as possible and he leaves to talk to Marhun. Usman prepares and makes plans to visit Mesut. Bengi says Sheikh should not be executed, but she fails to convince Ismihan.
What would be next commitment towards nation? How to overcome the difficulties? When will be Osman new concerns? How to make new things? How to use nations resources for growth?

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