Korolos Usman Ep 70

In KU Previous Episode, Malhon and Aygul get ready to take the carpets to the palace. Bala informs that Malhon went to collect the information about the palace. Rogatus says the Turks’ trade is practically finished and informs the other Lords that the Turks will remain together in anycase. While Kosses and Kurulus Usman are commending this information, Osman goes to the palace in hurry. Before Osman goes to the palace, he converses with the traders in Sogut and says he will never leave them alone in any matter. Sheik advises Osman to remain quiet and make an organized plan. Osman then, at that point, goes to the palace and presents Feodor’s head to Rogatus. Rogatus understands that his most faithful warrior is dead and gets exceptionally furious. Rogatus lets Osman know that he will make them to feel same aggravation. Osman warns the other Lords that not to interpret in their matters. Kurulus Usman says that the carvan has as of now left Damascus and Osman might dispatch an assault. Kosses says he will secure the troop himself. Malhon takes the carpets to the palace and attempts to converse with Mari. Osman gives the gold he had caught in the past assault to the Turkish vendors. While Mari is conversing with Malhon, Cornelia nominates the carvan. At the point when Malhon gets back to the clan, she discusses about the carvan which is coming from Damascus. Osman becomes happy for the contribution of Malhon to gather the information, so he thanks her for the help to make the plan. Rogatus tells that Osman has gotten something vital from the Priest and offers Kosses to shape a coalition. Kurulus Usman asks Bahadur to discover for what reason the Priest returned to Osman. Sheik visits the Priest and gives him the medicines. The priest asks about Osman. Sheik recounts an anecdote about Jesus and Judah that evening. While Mari was hunting in the woods, a snake nibbled her in the leg. Mari tumbles to the ground due to high pain. Turgut hears Mari’s shouts and starts searching for her. After this story, Osman converses with the priest and says that he will keep the little piece of wood regardless. The priest pays attention to Osman and says he will go to the village. While Graygor is conversing with Andreas later, Bahadur pays attention to them and learns all the reality with regards to the piece of wood. Turgut treats Mari’s injury and draws out the snake toxin. Mari says thanks to Turgut and gets back to her troopers. Graygor says he will enlighten the Orthodox people in the clan about Osman and sets off after a brief time. While Aygul is fixing a tent, Cerkutay says he has a desire to marry her. Aygul doesn’t acknowledge this offer and leaves. Graygor sees everything and goes out to converse with Osman. Osman says that this village presently has a place with the Turks and starts conversing with the Orthodox people there. Kosses looks outside on the path to give protection to the carvan. Osman says that everyone is allowed to live independently in the village without any fear and with a reasonable tax. Kosses reaches the village as nothing has happened with them. Osman faces Kosses and says that this village presently has a place of the Turks. Catalan hired fighters, rise up out of Kosses’s vehicles and a conflict starts. Turgut emerges from his concealing spot and starts helping Osman. Kosses says he will kill Osman and attempts to reclaim the town. Osman kills the majority of Kosses’s soldiers. Kosses understands that he can’t win the conflict and escapes from that spot. Osman thanks Allah after the conflict.


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