Kurulus Osman Episode 64 Urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 63, Osman emerges from the tent and converses with Bala. Turhan tells that more soldiers will join the military soon, but Goktug is somewhat upset by his words. Boran attempts to quiet Goktug and asks about the situation. Goktug contends Boran. The governor by and by visits the Sultan and converses with him about the tax issue. In the interim, Sultan discovers that Osman will go to the castle very soon. The Sultan tells that if Byzantium begins a conflict, he will uphold Osman with his all military. Zoe converses with Malhun and understands about her pregnancy. Before Osman goes to Konya, he converses with Malhun to take care of herself. Bala compliments Malhun by giving this news which they want to hear from a long time. Malhun says that Bala resembles the mother of her baby and attempts to reassure her. Dukas goes to the palace and converses with Nikola. Now Malhun is the weakness of Osman because she is carrying his child. Zoe goes to the palace and tells everybody that Malhun is pregnant. Nikola gives Zoe an errand to raise a problem on the plain. Gunduz and Sheik compliments the new soldiers. While resting in the woods, Osman asks Goktug about the issue with Boran, however meanwhile, the Mongolian troopers assault them by the Governor’s order. Boran and Goktug settle their contention while battling with Mongols. The old lady says that she won’t help Zoe, but when she knows about Nikola, she becomes ready to prepare poison which she needs. That evening, Bala welcomes Osman to supper, however he wants to go to Malhun. Osman reaches the Malhun’s tent and tells her to feel comfortable. Osman and Malhun eat together. Bala understands that Osman won’t return and starts to eat alone. Gonca discloses to Bala that Zoe is subtly heading off to some place. Osman goes with his fighters and meets with Umur at the boundary. Osman informs Umur and Turhan concerning the assault plan. The Turks before long encompassed the Byzantine soldiers. While Osman was assaulting a little gathering of Byzantine fighters, Dukas assaulted the village around Kulucahisar badly killing the inhabitants of the village. Osman and his soldiers annihilate the Byzantine troopers in a brief time frame. Dukas starts to praise his triumph and says that he will soon totally annihilate Osman and the Turks. In the interim, Aygul goes to Osman and tells that Dukas and his military are assaulting and killing the innocent villagers. Osman is already suspicious about the victory and becomes furious. Umur and Gunduz understand that Osman was true about the potential snare. Osman says that regardless of what occurs, he will vindicate each and every individual who kicked the bucket and will annihilate Dukas.
What would be the next step of Osman? How he will take the revenge from Dukas and Nikola? Why Nikola and Dukas attack on the villagers? What would be the next step of Nikola and Dukas? To know the queries keep watching historic series.

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