Kurulus Osman Episode 63 Urdu

In Kurulus Osman episode 62, Togay begs before Osman and says that he complete his execution quickly. Cerkutay handles Bamsi’s swords to rip off his head and give it to Osman. Osman recollects what Bamsi said quite a while past and punishes the lawbreakers he trapped before everybody. Sheik announces that Osman gave the execution punishment to the lawbreakers. Osman announces that he will consistently rebuff the individuals who assault the Turks whatever the matter will be. Everyone was satisfied with Osman’s discipline. The Sultans are informed by the governor that the Osman abducted Togay. As a discipline, Osman is told by the governor to pay the tax of three years in three days by governor to break the law. When Osman is close to Bamsi’s grave and says that he rendered his retribution. Nikola is glad that Togay is dead, yet he believes that the present circumstance fortifies Osman much more. In the meantime, a Mongolian emissary comes and says that the governor will uphold Nikola against Osman. The representative tells that they will give gold to which is taken from Nikola. Nikola acknowledges this agreement, however, says that he won’t be a toy for anybody. Nikola relegates Dmitri to tak e care of the golds send by Mongols. While Osman is conversing with Bala that evening, the message appears from Sultan. The following day, Osman sets off right on time for the certain Alps. Mongolian troopers handover the gold to Dmitri and disappear. Osman knows the Byzantine troopers taking the gold, so assaults them soon after. While Bala wants to aid the soup kitchen, Malhun rolls out certain improvements in Osman’s tent. In the interim, the message which is sent by the Emperor shows up at the palace. Nikola leaves promptly to talk to the Ruler’s son in Iznik. Gunduz is glad that are going to pay taxes as with the gold to Mongols. Bala gets back to the tribe and informed Malhun about doing no more changes to move things in the tent. Bala begins contending with Malhun and says that each thing in the tent has significance. Osman has gold with him and informs that the meeting of the Beys is going to start. Osman tells that the objective for the state is to give equity and then he moves back with back again Boran the following day. That evening, Bala informs Osman regarding Malhun’s progressions and grumbles about her. Osman mentions that what Malhun did isn’t an issue and starts to recount a story to Bala. This story is the narrative of a liberal man that Kumral told the youngsters. Nikola goes to Iznik, however, the Emperor’s son begins to blow up with him. One of the vendors in Sogut goes to the court yet can’t utter a word out of dread. Osman requests that Boran tell the real factors. Boran concedes that he constrained the dealer to sell the house on the lookout and says he thinks twice about it. Sheik Edebali tells boran to pay 10 gold coins for his mistake. Osman understands that Boran comprehends his misstep and excuses him. Nikola tells the Rulers of the Emperor’s arrangement and that Ducas is not far off. Leo informs a significant conflict will annihilate exchange the locale, yet Nikola undermines him.
What would be the next motive of Usman? Is Osman will ready to agree with the conditions of the Governor? What will be the next step of the Governor? To know the quires stay connect with the Historic series

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