Kurulus Osman Episode 52 Urdu and English

Kuruluş Osman may be a Turkish historical drama series, created by Mehmet Bozdağ and starring Burak Özçivit. It focuses on the lifetime of ameer, founding father of the empire. it’s the sequel to Diriliş: Ertuğrul, which centers on the lifetime of Ertuğrul, Osman’s father, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan.

In Kuruluş Osman episode 51, Malhön kills one among the guard troops within the prison and tries to flee. Helan captures the Turks awaiting Malhön outside the castle and stops her. Osman invites the Beys to a gathering and listens to their ideas. Osman sends Umar to his tent and tells him that he will go before Nikolà with the troops to the exchange place. Balà sees Osman angry and tries to calm him down. While Osman is concerned new conquests, he tells Balà that his friends are making his job difficult which is why he’s angry.

Osman then goes to the exchange place with a number of the troops. Goktug brings the opposite troops and therefore the Lord with him. On the thanks to the bartering place, Togaay shoots an arrow at the Lord. Goktug cannot see who attempted to kill the Lord and immediately tries to assist Aris, but he dies. While Osman secretly waits, he discovers that the Lord has been killed. Nikolà brings in Malhön and therefore the other prisoners. Osman says the Lord was killed by someone. Nikolà says he didn’t bring Malhön and returns. When Osman and therefore the troops return, Balà says they’re going to hold Goncha’s wedding. Nikolà returns to his castle and tries to know what’s happening. Togaay says he has everything planned and Umar will soon act alone.

After a long time, Osman attacks the Byzantine troops at the cave entrance and kills them. Osman then enters the cave and begins searching for Malhön, but instead finds Zulfiqar’s lifeless body. Meanwhile, the Byzantine troops attack the Turks but fail. Osman comes out of the cave and tells him that Zulfiqar has been killed. While Nikolà cuts his hair, he says he will avenge Flatyos. Togaay involves the castle and says that Osman killed all the Byzantine troops.

Nikolà realizes that his trap isn’t working and desires to attack Sögut. Togaày stops Nikolà and asks him to use Malhön. While Umar worries the way to save his daughter, the Turks that Nikolà freed arrive. Umar discovers that Nikolà wants to speak to him and plans to speak to him without telling anyone. Sheikh and Bamsay see him as Jarkutaay brings predicament. Sheikh starts lecture Jarkutaay and tells him that he’s a decent person. Jarkutaay opposes him and says he has made many mistakes within the past. The sheikh tells Jarkutaay that it’s enough to repent. Umar goes to the Byzantine castle and starts taking note of Nikolà. Nikolà says that he wants Umar’s friendship and to trade with the Turks.

Osman tells Malhön to warn Umar then that they must be scared of Osman. While having dinner with Togaày, Nikolà tells him that Kalànöz will arrive in three days. Togaày says that he won’t tell anyone about this information and asks Nikolà for ten men to attack the wedding in Sögut. Osman then goes to the inn and begins the marriage ceremony. Malhön takes her father’s permission and proposes to bring the horses she has prepared to Inegol. Osman realizes that Umar isn’t obeying his order and immediately intervenes to forestall the horses from visiting the castle.

Togaày goes into the forest with the lads he bought from Nikolà and waits for the proper moment to attack. because the Turks return from Sögut to the plain, the Byzantine troops begin to attack with arrows. Then the Byzantine troops begin the important attack. Togaày shoots Goncha with an arrow. Boràn tries to assist Goncha. Togayy shoots another arrow, but Abdur Rehman sacrifices himself to guard them. Bamsay immediately tries to assist Abdur Rehman, but Abdur Rehman is martyred there.


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