Kurulus Osman Episode 49 Urdu and English

Kuruluş Osman is a Turkish television series, created by Mehmet Bozdağ who plays Burak Özçivit. It focuses on the life of the emeer, the founding father of the Ottoman Empire. This is the equivalent of Diriliş: Ertuğrul, who lived in the whole world of Ertuğrul, Osman’s father, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan.
At Section 48 of Kuruluş Osman, Osman Bay took the wounded soldiers individually to the forest. Ḑundar wants Osman dead, but is worried about his daughter’s life. The Byzantine soldiers attacked the Turks from one side, but Osman’s Alps guarded the route of the siege and tried to kill the Christian soldiers. the chains are dead, and the hope of rescuing Osman is fading. Osman realizes that he cannot withstand the attacks of the Byzantine soldiers and begins to retreat. Nikolà ordered all his soldiers to attack the Turks. Savçi takes his son and the wounded soldiers to the cave.
Later, Osman and the Alps reached this cave. Falyàtos and Nikolà follow Osman, who is free at the entrance of the cave. The soldiers are unable to access the cave, but Falyàtos wants to kill Osman. Nikolà asks Helön to get more documents from Göktug and kills him. Osman takes Beyhoja from another entrance of the blockade. According to Boràn, Nikolà knew everything before. Osman sends the wounded soldiers to the plain and claims he will capture Falyàtos.
Gundöz ordered the wounded to be healed. Gundöz saw that Osman had not returned to the plain, and was delighted. Melhoon learns from one of the wounded soldiers why the Turks ambushed him. Aleena continues to try to heal her son’s wound. Aygul told his father that Nikolà had set a trap and that Osman was trying to catch Falyàtos. Osman set a trap to catch the sender on the plain and the information he learned from Göktug when Falyàtos was attacked. Falyàtos says he will not give up without a fight when Osman is attacked, but Osman will catch him for a short time. Osman asks Falyàtos who Idris is working for and who is the culprit on the plain, but he can’t answer. Ḑundar thinks that because of Osman’s fall he will die and he will die again. According to Göktug, he finds spies working for the Pope. When Beyhoja is sick, he asks where his sword will die while holding it.
Savçi can’t take it anymore and cuts Falyàtos’ throat. Later, Savçi told Osman that he had killed Falyàtos. Osman is angry with Savçi for his actions, but this time, Aleena starts to scream. Bala says Aleena has started growing food and asking for help from other women. As he looked out into the forest, Göktug heard something Mongolian followed by voices. Göktug sees Togày in the middle of the forest. Although Savçi is worried about Aleena’s condition, Aleena gives birth to her baby. Bala claims that Savçi is introduced to a surviving son of Aleena.
A thick fog surrounds Göktug and his soldiers. Togày says he will send Kongar to hell. Göktug was injured but he was able to escape from there. Sheikh Edebali prays for Beyhoja and says he is in a better place now. Later, Osman and Beys take Beyhoja’s body to the grave. Helön and Catholic spies went to Togày. According to Petrös, the documents Togày received from Göktug were fraudulent. Petrös says Togày will be taken to Osman so that he does not waste his life. Savçi and Aleena are mourning at Beyhoja’s grave. Nikolà went to Constantinople. The emperor is angry with Nikolà for all this and says that he has not succeeded.

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