KO Episode 114

Ismihan calls Alcicek and says he wants to help her. Alcicek says it’s too late to do anything now, but Ismihan says it won’t be hard to convince her Aktemur. After a while Bengi comes and asks what is going on. Ismihan says that Alcicek has changed her mind and that she plans to marry Aktemur as soon as possible. Bengi disagrees with this decision. Ismihan says that Bengi will rule the Kai tribe thanks to Arsicek’s marriage. Usman states that the conquest will continue and that he will attack Koprhisar as soon as possible. Usman asks Serkhtai to invade the city like a spy and set up a secret headquarters from Konur. The soldiers leave the tent after hearing their mission. Usman then orders his sons to provide meal to Mesut.
The ambassador says the Turks should pay more taxes and pay compensation for Samaghar’s death. Ismihan stopped the ambassador and said he had to speak at a meeting the next day. Baindir asks what is Ismihan’s plan. Ismihan says he will use the Mongol ambassador to show everyone that Usman is a rebellious man. That night, Bengi talks to her husband and says that Alcicek should marry Aktemr. Oktem says he is still angry with Aktemr and doesn’t trust him anymore. The next day, while Ismihan was preparing for a meeting, Bayindir came and said that she would not attend the meeting to finish her work.
Will Bengi agree for her daughter’s marriage? What will be the Bengis mission? How she will conquer her tribe? Will they prove themselves innocent? What effects the Tribe most? Will Usman agree for marriage of Aktemur with Alcicek?

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