KO Ep 94 Urdu

Korolos Usman Ep 94

Kurulus Usman Season 3 Episode 94 Summary
In the previous episode, Nikola says that the Turks will never be able to enter the fort and asks his infantrymen to give protection. Usman delivers a speech for his army and says that the assault will start quickly. Nikola sees the Turks drawing close the citadel and says they’ll in no way succeed. Gunduz prepares the catapults to open an attack to the citadel. Usman tells his squaddies about the assault plan. Jerkutay provides the Akca’s sword to Usman. Usman takes up the sword in the hand and cuts the rope of the catapult. The Turks begin to hearth unexpectedly at the walls of the fort. Byzantine soldiers begin to restore the partitions of the citadel. Romanos begins to fear while he sees the situation within the fort, however Nikola want to burn all the Turks. Orhan says he wants to be a part of the war, but Abdal asks him to be affected person. Malhun’s daughter Fatma comes to the tribe.
Gunduz prays to Allah that night and wishes his son to be well. Jerkutay says he understands Gunduz well and asks him not to fear. The subsequent morning, Gunduz keeps to shoot on the walls of the fortress with catapults, as Usman wanted. Usman feels that Gunduz is concerned about Aktemur. Usman says Aktemur did his great and calms his
Brother down. Holofira says goodbye gretings to Bala and then to Malhun. Aisha tells Holofira that she will be able to come to the tribe on every occasion she wants. Malhun then units out with a few soldiers to take the materials to headquarters. Jerkutay offers Usman the information sent by using Aktemur. On the manner to the valley with Romanos, Aktemur breaks some tree branches and leaves traces for Usman. Usman comes to know that Romanos is moving towards the valley and realizes that there’s a an illusioned person within the headquarters.
What will be the Romanos next motive? What are their concerns? How they will find their way? What will their means from the Turks? How Usman will tackle them


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