Korolos Usman Ep 71

In KU Last Episode, Usman says that he’ll settle the matters of commercial business along with the legislative leader of Iznik in order to make up for lost time with the harm wrapped up via the Lords and starts to assemble to head away as fast as practical. Bahadur learns the mysterious path Usman will utilize and makes an arrangement to catch the holy relics. Bahadur tells Kurulus Usman the way Usman will utilize. Kurulus Usman tells the Lords that Usman will visit Iznik. Kurulus Usman takes the endeavor of obliterating Usman. Rogatus says he will take the blessed relic from Usmans tent. Kurulus Usman says after Usman’s death, the Turks will need a contemporary leader and plans to offer this endeavor to Turgut. Rogatus requests that his buddies make a oath to set their arrangement. The Three Lords swear that evening that they may not annihilate the partnership regardless. Kurulus Usman attacks Usman right away and attempts to kill him. Kurulus Usman is fabulous that he’ll kill Usman and keeps to attack. Usman withdraws into the profundities of the lush region along with his infantrymen. Kurulus Usman requests that the Byzantine officers adjust with the Turks and starts off evolved searching out Usman. Usman kills some Byzantine squaddies inside the forest with Malhon. Goktug and Boran start searching for Usman, yet as a substitute they track down Cerkutay. Anselmo uncovers Usman and attacks him. Despite the fact that Usman is injured, he overcomes Anselmo and kills him there. Malhon protects Usman and starts looking out a concealing area inside the lush region. Kurulus Usman tracks down the dead edge of Anselmo and gets exceptionally rankled. Kurulus Usman endeavors to see how Usman keeps on being alive despite being impressively harmed. In the interim, Kurulus Usman converses with Mari and tells her his plan about Turgut. The lead representative acknowledges Usmans proposition to improve the circumstance of individuals in the city and says that he will flag the settlement at the earliest opportunity. Kurulus Usman says that Usman has arrived at Iznik and starts to tell his spine chiller plan. Kurulus Usman tells a woman running for the lead representative that he gave an unnecessary measure of gold to harm Usman. The masters might be excited to investigation of this arrangement. The lead representative gives Usman to eat aggregately to make some fantastic memories the current arrangement he made. Julia and her squaddies rise up out of their concealing region and begin to ship toward Usmans tent that evening. Julia enters Usmans tent and shoots Gonca with a harmed bolt. While Usman is eating with the lead representative, a woman comes into the room and starts off evolved giving harmful sherbet to everyone. Julia well-known shows the sacred relic and later sees Usmans child Orhan. Any individual who drinks the toxic sherbet starts hacking and afterward swooning short.
What will be the Usman’s next plan? How he will take revenge from the enemies? How they will take the revenge of Gonca? Keep connected with the Historic series to watch the next episodes.


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