Korolos Usman Ep 69

In KU Last Episode, Rogatus learns that Graygor has escaped and attempts to recognize why he did it. Rogatus realizes that Usman made a plan earlier than the exchange. Usman meets a person the usage of the name of the game tunnels. Usman indicates this guy the piece of timber he took from Graygor and attempts to research somthing approximately it. This guy says that this board become constructed from the move on which Jesus become crucified and that it’s far very essential for all Christians. Usman learns the actual electricity of this small piece of timber and makes a plan. Kosses learns that Graygor, whom he has been seeking out all this time, is with Usman. Usman returns to his tent and says that he desires to unite all of the human beings with the aid of using the usage of Graygor. After a brief while, Bala and Malhon begin getting ready to take the rugs. Rogatus plans to attain Graygor with the aid of using the usage of the vintage guy withinside the church as soon as once more.
Rogatus then invitations the alternative Lords to dine in his fortress. Kurulus Usman learns that Graygor has lower back to Usman and says he’s going to be given Rogatus’ dinner invitation. Anselmo assaults the convoy on the street to damage the Turks and injures Bala. Kurulus Usman then is going to the tribe and asks Usman for Graygor. Usman says that Graygor is an asylum seeker and could by no means deliver him back. Bala involves the tribe critically injured. Saljan starts offevolved to deal with Bala. Usman receives very indignant and sends Goktug to kill Anselmo. Goktug takes a number of the tribe’s infantrymen and right now units out to set a entice.
Goktug and the infantrymen lightly look ahead to the mercenaries to arrive. Anselmo notices this entice earlier and assaults the Turks. When Anselmo noticed that Usman did now no longer come to this assault, he gave up and left the surviving Turks. Saljan manages to shop Bala and her baby. Usman could be very satisfied that Bala remains alive. Bahadur is going to the fortress to speak to Kurulus Usman. Kurulus Usman asks Bahadur to kill Graygor and offers him a bag of gold. Goktug returns to the tribe and says that he become not able to kill Anselmo. Usman receives a touch indignant with Goktug due to the fact he can’t avenge Bala and sends him away. Turgut learns that Goktug couldn’t kill Anselmo and says he’s going to take care of this alone. Usman talks to Bala once more and says he may be very dissatisfied if some thing horrific takes place to her. After a brief time, Sheikh arrives and begins offevolved speakme to his daughter. Sheikh sees that Bala is in exact situation and prays for her for an extended time.
Boran is going to Goktug’s tent and attempts to enhance his morale. The subsequent morning, Usman calls Graygor to his tent and asks him what the small piece of timber in his hand is. Graygor says this piece of timber is some thing he inherited from his grandfather. Usman keeps to talk and says that Rogatus handiest desires to use Graygor to get stronger. Graygor does now no longer agree with Usman and says that Rogatus is usually a faithful friend. Then Usman makes a plan to reveal Graygor the actual face of Rogatus and tells him approximately it. Rogatus summons lords and a governor to his fortress. Rogatus says that Usman is attempting to interrupt up the Christian solidarity and gives an alliance to his friends. Rogatus says he fired the Turks operating withinside the mine and that the Governor will quit the industrial deals.
To put in force Usman’s plan, Graygor is going to the church in Sogut and begins offevolved speakme to the vintage guy there. Graygor says he’s going to flee quickly and asks the vintage guy for help. The governor’s envoy involves the tribe and says that they’ll now


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