Kurulus Osman Episode 53 Urdu and English

Kurulus Osman Season 2:
The TV show incorporates Osman Ghazi’s inward and outside battles and how he establishes and controls the Ottoman Empire. The personality of Osman Ghazi faces numerous foes and deceivers in his journey and the show delineates how he had the option to beat these hindrances and satisfy his central goal with the assistance of his devoted buddies, family, and companions.

Review Episode 52:
In Episode 52, Malhun Hatun requests that Osman Bey pull out his troopers and reveals to him that he has not kept his past guarantee. Osman Bey advises the Alps to take Malhun’s ponies and the two gatherings begin to battle. Osman Bey reveals to Malhun Hatun that she can’t offer ponies to the adversary and that he will address double the cost Nikola paid for the ponies. Bamsi Bey says that Abdurrahman Ghazi is martyred and that he will execute the trickster in the clan. On his way to the plain, Osman Bey sees the Turks slaughtered by Togay. Bamsi Bey is exceptionally disturbed that perhaps the dearest companion has passed on. Osman Bey discovers that Abdurrahman Ghazi was martyred and sobs for him.
Osman Bey tells everybody that he will retaliate against Abdurrahman Ghazi. Malhun Hatun gets back to the plane and mentions to her father what Osman Bey did. Umar Bey blows up with what Osman Bey has done and is compelled to change his arrangement. Umar Bey requests that Malhun Hatun set up the troopers and says he will converse with Osman Bey. Nikola is glad to cause an issue among Umar Bey and Osman Bey and he intends to utilize the present circumstance to assault Sogut. The Mongolian authority Camuha goes to the palace and advises that Togay is going to Konya. Camuha says that Osman’s standing was harmed and Abdurrahman Ghazi was dead. Camuha says it’s an ideal opportunity to take out Umar Bey, yet Nikola says his arrangement is extraordinary.
In the interim, the courier sent by Nikola goes to Osman’s tent. Nikola discloses to Osman Bey where Togay is stowing away and has nothing to do with the assault. Osman Bey says it is a snare, however, he will in any case arrive. Cerkutay says that there are Mongolian fighters in the spot Nikola said and Osman Bey begins the assault. The Turks execute the greater part of the Mongol troopers, yet Osman Bey can’t discover Togay. Camuha escapes from the war zone and tells that he will guillotine Osman Bey. Osman Bey understands that Togay is somewhere else and says that Nikola no longer trusts the Mongols.
Camuha considers how Osman Bey tracked down the secret spot in the woods and goes to Sogut. Osman Bey says that Nikola has the motivation to deceive Togay and that he will utilize the present circumstance. While Osman Bey is conversing with different Beys, Savci Bey comes and says that Kalanoz’s sibling is drawing nearer with an enormous armed force. Osman Bey says that they will overcome Inegol before Kalanoz shows up. The following day, Umar considers Malhun Hatun and mentions to her that what Osman Bey did was off-base.
Osman Bey says that he did a lot of harm to the help Nikola was hanging tight for. Gundoz Bey says that they should uphold different clans partaking in the conflict. Osman Bey requests that Dundar Bey help every one of the clans that partook or didn’t take part in the conflict. Osman Bey additionally calls the Beys to his tent to converse with them. That evening, Malhun Hatun believes that she didn’t treat Osman Bey reasonably. Kalanoz goes to the palace and says that the two Turks and Mongols were assaulted. Nikola reveals to Kalanoz how to overcome Sogut. The following day, Osman Bey emerges from his tent and starts conversing with the Alps. Osman Bey says that his sole objective is to make his officers far and away superior and they will deliver retribution on Togay.
Osman Bey discovers that the Beys he called to talk to went to converse with Umar Bey. In the meantime, Sheik Edebali welcomes both Umar Bey and Osman Bey to the hotel. Umar Bey gives two chests of gold to the Beys who go to the gathering and requests that they support their clan. At the point when a few Beys say Umar isn’t right to exchange with Nikola, Osman Bey comes. Umar Bey says he needs to help the clans, however, Osman Bey says that he is liable for this issue since he called them to war. The Beys who go to the gathering leave the gold they have taken and leave the tent with Osman Bey. Dundar Bey blows up with Petrus and discloses to him that he should presently don’t carry out secret things.

Trailer Episode 53:
Will Dundar Bey take refuge in the castle of Nikola? Will Dundar Bey be killed by Osman Bey in this episode? For what purpose will you go to Gundoz Bey Fort? Eventually, Dundar’s wife also died. Will Yawlak Arsalan be angry with Osman Bey? Will Nikola know that Dundar Bey is in her castle? Will Umar Bey now tell Osman his intentions?


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