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KO 42 Review

KO 42 starts with the scene in which Osman Bey and his Alps  Episode 43 are standing in a jungle in front of the fire to take the revenge of Turkish beys who was coming to join the jirga in Sogut and were killed by Flaytyos and his men. Osman Bey told his Alps the story of accipiter and a poor sparrow.


Muslims and non-Muslims

And told him that it is his duty to secure the life of Muslims and non-Muslims of his state like the poor sparrow. Suddenly an arrow headed towards them and hit the tree. All Alps sees towards that direction. She was Bala Hatun (with Aygul Hatun and Gonca Hatun) who throw the arrow towards them and she look such a pretty that it looks like one of the best scenes of Turkish TV series. Bala Hatun told Osman Bey that we feel boredom so that is why we came here to fight with our brave ones.

In KO 43

KO 43. One of the old friends of Nikola named as Alexander came to Inegol Castle. And told Nikola that Emperor make him the head/tekfur of tekfurs and told him. That new troops sent by emperor from Constantinople will be here yesterday.

Savci bey

On the other hand, Savci bey son Bey-hoja asks his father and mother that he want to go to war with Uncle Osman. But his parents did not give him permission. Then Bey-hoja ask his Uncle Gunduz that I want to go to war but Gunduz bey told him that you are a child. You only know how to hold a pen, but you do not know how to hold a sword. Bey-hoja told them that you are wrong I hold a pen in daytime, but I pick the sword at night because I am a IYI bey.

Osman Bey entered the war

Further kurulus KO 43. Moreover the best battle scene in which Osman Bey and his Alps fight against the Byzantine army. And this scene mark the 42nd episode. And it was the most ambitious action scenes in the history of Turkish TV series. Further osman bey entered the war by revealing his life to take the revenge of Turkish beys. Who are coming to join the Jirga in Sogut on the call of Osman bey. And were martyred by Flaytyos and his men. Osman set a trap for Byzantine army sent from Constantinople and kill all of them with his Alps except Alexander.

Flaytyos to call all the tekfurs

After hearing the death news of his army due to the Osman trap. Nikola gave order to the Flaytyos to call all the tekfurs to Inegol castle. Because he wants to announce that he would form a Crusader army with all the Tekfurs in the region under his banner.

Osman Bey go to the tribe

Osman Bey go to the tribe of child named as Ali bey (the son of one of Turkish bey. Who was killed by Flaytyos in episode 41) and he gave them. The half of the gold won from Byzantine troops and make the Ali bey the Bey of his father tribe. And Osman distribute the remaining half gold to his tribe and the needy peoples of Sogut.

Turkish tribes plans

Further osman Bey, who set the Inegol Castle as his target. After becoming IYI Bey and took action to unite the Turkish tribes plans a clever action to prevent Nikola. While Osman Bey make a new mark for IYI Sanjak. And informed Bala Hatun that he will unite the Turk Muslims under this Sanjak. He also told Bala Hatun that he will marry with another woman because it is Ertugrul Bey Dündar Bey. On the other hand, does not give up on planning against his Osman. Whose loyalty he accepted not from heart. And he also made a trade collaboration with David and Christian Pope.

Osman bey about the state

KO Episode 42. Osman Bey became sad because he does not want to marry other women. And he talk with throne that oh throne, what do you want from me. Moreover and this episode end with a discussion of Osman bey and kumrulabdal. Where kumrulabdal gave advice to Osman bey about the state and throne and told him that sooner all the Turk Muslims will unite under his flag.

KO 43 Trailer

 Are you intrigued to see that how Savci Bey son Bey-hoja captured by Nikola and what will he do with him? What will Nikola doto take the revenge of his Byzantine army sent by Emperor? How will Bala Hatun meet Osman Bey’s decision to marry? What will Dundar Bey do to maintain his claim to being a loyalty? What will be the next plan of Pope’s agents? If you are interested to watch the Kurulus Osman episode 43 in Urdu Subtitles in Ultra HD 1080 resolution free of cost than you can watch it from on our App.

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