Ko Episode 113

Usman takes Mesut to the castle, but Ismihan does not change her decision. Usman saves Sheikh and Bala. An Ottoman spy appears and points arrows at Ismihan. Usman says Ismihan and everyone who supports her will soon regret it. Usman says he will never give up and asks Ismihan for permission to leave the castle. Ismihan says Usman is not going anywhere. Together with Kantakuzenos, the Sultan finally comes to the castle and stops everyone. Kumral makes some potions to cure the townspeople, but to no avail. Maruhan said he would find out the source of the poison and asked his soldiers to search Marta’s shops. The Sultan stops the soldiers and orders the arrest of Alps.
Usman says Ismihan has other plans. A soldier then comes to the dungeon and says that the Sultan has summoned Usman. Kantakzenos says that the Sultan’s decision was wrong and he must kidnap Usman. Ismihan calms Kantakzenos and says he will help him. Kantakuzenos agrees to sneak into the castle with Olof at night. The Sultan says all of Usman’s crimes are known and the court will kill him. Usman says Konya is weakened and the Sultan is only trying to hide the truth. The Sultan says he will take Aladdin to Konya after Usman is executed. Usman immediately objected to the Sultan, saying that no one could take Aladdin by force. Sheikh returns to town and tells Marhan what happened at the castle. Marhun asks his sons to defend the city, saying he will come up with a plan to save Usman.
How to tackle misleadings created by enemies? What will be Oluf response for being taken action against Turks? What will be the new conflict? How to make annoyance to become useful for war? What will be the new competition between Turks and infidels?

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