Korolos Usman Ep 67

KU third Episode will be on air on 20th October, 2021. Are you intrigued to see that what will be the next plan of usman to take revenge from Nikola about his attack on Turgat tribe and his act of capturing the Turgat Bey? What will be the new plan of Malhon Hatun in the tribe against Bala Hatun? Are you intrigued to see the new horse of Usman Bey? What will be the Mari plan in Kayi tribe to make their women’s to fight and what will Msman bey do with Kosses after listening that Kosses attack on Turgat Bey alps? Your wait is over. To know about all above facts, watch KU Season 3, Third episode only on www.HistoricSeries.com


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