Isimsizler Season 2 Episode 2 in Urdu Subtitles

This Series is based on the overriding depiction of Turkish Secret Organization. The out of the question story of Mehmet and his sidekicks within the Ottoman state musical organization the primary war, the solitary dream is that the recovery and chance of the state, and there’s solely a relationship for country within the heart.

Mehmet does not stop shortly to point out such a retribution and energy for the country. Thus, he participates in Osmancik Battalion, wherever Suleyman Military Bey is found and also the most capable troopers area unit picked, associate degreed shows an exceptional fight to travel to the front. The course of action on the Kut’ul Amare success, that is that the last epic that he left to the authority of an excellent state, can meet the looker-on with the story of Mehmet’s character focused around each preview of energy, movement and important inclination. Likewise, whereas Mehmet can gift his life for the country, Zeynep can treasure him and his love are a devout story written in an exceedingly cave.Fatih UN agency is energetic and promising Turkish intercessor hold on to begin his new oversea commitment. Right once manipulators butchered scene body head of Virankaya in Turkey, he modify his purpose of read and replace that lead agent.

This is a story that no ear will hear, no eye will see . A story can finish within the soot of your time. The story of 4 riders kicking off to a dark region. Four alone, four sidekicks. Four transients. The essential traveller, the primary of the four .Pearl of the expanse of ​​wisdom, Khawaja Ahmad. By then, his undaunted partner, Mahmoud. Mahmoud, UN agency has submitted his life to remodeling into a dependable pal. The previous partner of the past, UN agency raised them each. Extraordinary Darwish, combatant Hamza. moreover, I. Mansoor, offspring of Arsalan Bab.

In scene fifteen of Isimziler Season two, Mansoor, return when United States. Or nevertheless, you stray here.We were all pioneers, together with Khawaja. Right once he left this spot, I reworked into associate degree enthusiast of Khawaja Ahmed. Right once I was deed the territories wherever i used to be notional. Right once I was taking asylum within the important climate of Pir ruler Hamdani. precisely once I was about to a secluded land on the arrangements of Pir Hamdani,Ismizlar Season two Episode fifteen With Urdu Subtitles I ne’er felt any wavering. The horse was running, we have a tendency to were moving.

Also, Khawaja Ahmed was driving. Right once Khwaja Ahmed is with you, there’s no concern in your heart. Moreover, that’s wherever our story began.In short, at the current time is a perfect likelihood for white book and dim ink. My words area unit a curious town of national capital and that we can portray the odd things that happen in it. Our story is overflowing with information. God willing, it’ll be explained with understanding. Our story Ismizlar Season two Episode fifteen With Urdu Subtitles that’s, the much story of the four dervishes of geographical area.

I’m Mansoor, offspring of Arsalan Bab. Grappler Hamza. Sadiq Dost, Mahmood. Moreover, Khawaja Ahmad. could God keep my pen and words substantial. For God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Well done, notably done. Push, push. Amazing. notably done, all around done. do not do not you’re taking it and obtain shelter behind. Hi, Mansoor Gregorian calendar month Hope you’re well Thanks. what happened. The horse got panic-stricken.

In addition, the horse eliminated the truck from the manner. One issue is broken that we have a tendency to area unit endeavoring to mend. At the purpose once we fix it, we’ll dig prepared another time. Assumption you oldsters did not get injured. provide thanks toward God, we have a tendency to area unit fine. Educator, does one need our help? what’s allowed? O unimaginable ponies! we have a tendency to believe that its tough to die this lightweight weight. You die the burden of this world.

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