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Korulus Osman

  • KO Episode 115

    Kurulus Usman Episode 115Review of Episode 114Turgut immediately begins investigating Inegol’s latest situation. Olof starts screaming from the ramparts and says he will kill Turgut soon. Olof executes the Turks while Turgut tries to make sense of the situation with…

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  • KO Episode 114

    Ismihan calls Alcicek and says he wants to help her. Alcicek says it’s too late to do anything now, but Ismihan says it won’t be hard to convince her Aktemur. After a while Bengi comes and asks what is going…

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  • KO

    Ko Episode 113

    Usman takes Mesut to the castle, but Ismihan does not change her decision. Usman saves Sheikh and Bala. An Ottoman spy appears and points arrows at Ismihan. Usman says Ismihan and everyone who supports her will soon regret it. Usman…

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  • KO

    KO Episode 112

    Usman slowly enters the city with his soldiers. On Ismihan’s orders, the Seljuk soldiers burned most of the city down, damaging everything. Esma secretly tell to Bala and inform about the message. Bala knows the message and get to know…

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