Fatah Al-Andalus

Fatah Al-Andalus Episode 1

The previous episode this is a series full of joy and excitement. It reflects the bravery of Muslims. The people of the state want to privilege Islam but the opponents try to defend their land. The hard work of Muslims comes in the sweet fruit. They conquer the land by telling the importance of Islam to the state. They protect the ladies, children, and old people. They never show cruel behavior toward innocent people. The enemies were also impressed by the behavior of the Muslims. They want to agree with the Muslims to protect their land. Muslims take control of the land and its surroundings. They are not forced by the Muslims to accept Islam. Muslims sent a letter to the Julian written by the Tariq Bin Zyad. They will fully occupy the land of the owner. They facilitate the people of the state.
What will be the next step of Tariq bin Zyad? How they will conquer the land of the enemies along with their hearts? What new facilities they will grant to the people?

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