Dastan Season 1 Episode 24 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 24 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the preceding episode, Batuga attacks Obar and cuts the ropes in his hand. However, the squaddies forestall him. Obar orders everyone besides Batuga to get the Batuga out of the cave. Batuga says he isn’t always frightened of loss of life. Obar’s squaddies tighten stones to Batuga’s hands to torture him. Yaman unearths the entrance to one of the caves and keeps looking for Akkiz. As Obar’s squaddies are approximate to attack Akkiz, Colpan stops her. Akkiz starts to comply with one of the wandering soldiers. Obar asks his infantrymen to set a lure for Akkiz. Alpagu hears his crying son’s screams and tells him that he’ll kill Obar irrespective of what. Obar says he has taken over the western khanate. Alpagu no longer considers what Obar says. Obar is going to the western khanate together with his captives. Akkiz sees lines of blood outdoor the cave and feels that Batuga is someplace nearby.
Vera says that no person will understand Kaya as the new Khan. Obar calls Alpagu into his tent and asks him about the location of Barak’s crown. On the way towards the palace, Akkiz sees that Kaya’s squaddies take Alaca to Russian property and assault them. Alaca assaults Akkiz to shop for her life. Akkiz executes Alaca inside the wooded area. Calayir and Yibek get the Vera’s jewels and say that she will now stay with the workers. Akkiz enters the town with her companions and enters the hidden tunnel main to the palace. One of the wounded squaddies in the woodland involves the palace and tells Kuzu that Alpagu remains alive. Kuzu right now tells Kaya that Akkiz killed Alaca and that Alpagu is still alive. Obar calls the magicians to come back to his tent and asks them about the crown. Magicians tell that they are unable to find the crown.
What will be the next step of the Akkiz? How she will take revenge on the Enemies? What will be the Kaya’s new concerns from the Western Khanate? How they will consider their khanate as the comfort for everyone? What will be the Batuga’s new concerns?


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