Dastan Season 1 Episode 8 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 8 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the previous Episode, Kircicek tells that Akkiz is a traitor. Ece thinks Kircicek may be right and says Akkiz ought to die. Khan in a hurry wants to go to the garden of the palace. Akkiz involves the palace with Kun Ata. Ece becomes angry with the Akkiz and considers Kircicek is right. Alpagu want to know Akkiz about her arrival in the palace. Akkiz tells about the Khan’s sons captive taken as captive, Khan offers up killing her. Ece says that Colpan will kill the Tegins. Akkiz tells that Khan’s youngsters are nevertheless alive and Colpan desires to make a deal. Meanwhile, Colpan talks to Khan’s sons and tells them what occurred years in the past. Danis tells that the soldiers are geared up to go to the mountain. Along with his armor, Khan realizes something is disappeared which he hide.
Ece is very happy to peer her sons and embrace them. Alpagu receives irritated with Kaya and says it’s miles a humiliation for the palace. Alpagu is filled with anger with his sons and soldiers. Khan keeps speaking and says he found out the whole thing. Alpagu is thankful to Akkiz and says he’s going to help her. Akkiz says she desires to remain with Batuga in the palace. Khan appoints Akkiz the bodyguard of Batuga. While Khan is speaking to Saltuk, Colpan involves the palace. Alpagu says they are trying to make peaceful behavior with Dag for a year and Colpan will attend the looking festival. Colpan wants the Tutkun and Kayas wedding. Balamir makes a plan to attack the hunting pageant and tells his soldiers approximately it. Kun Ata appears at Khan’s wound and says the herbs wanted for the drugs. Khan says he cannot use the important medication now due to the looking competition.
Balamir thinks the trap is operating and alerts the large attack. While Alpagu become wondering that Temur could come with the prey, a few attackers got here out of the forest. These attackers want to kill the squaddies around Khan. Khan asks absolutely everyone to relax and begins fighting. People in the festival comes to know about the disability of the Khans arm. Soon after, Balamir arrives in time and kills who attacks Khan. Kaya and Temur come back. Balamir says that the wound on Khan’s shoulder may be very bad and Tengri not wants him the ruler. Alpagu thinks for some time and says that he’s going to depart Khan post because his health is not so well. Alpagu wants to arrange a huge meeting soon for the council for an election. When Temur comes back to the palace, he is arriving to the barn and to meet Tutkun. Tutkun says she is in love with Temur however has to obey Colpan’s order. Temur receives very indignant and begins arguing with Kaya. The poison starts offevolved to take effect and Tutkun not able to bear and falls to the ground. Alpagu units off secretly with Batuga and Akkiz to talk on some matter.
What will be the next step of Khan? How they manage to save the Khans life? Will Kun Ata become successful to cure Khan? Will Akkiz really help Khan to survive? What would be the next step of Balamir.

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