Dastan Season 1 Episode 5 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dtan Season 1 Episode 5 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Episode 5, Ece demands that her soul mate rest. Alpagu says there are adversaries of the express everywhere and asks his kids to perpetually be ready. While Yibek is taking the new prisoners to another room, Batuga sees them. Batuga feels repentant for not having the choice to help Akkiz. Yibek then, demands that the slaves rest.

Exactly when Batuga will give the way to Akkiz, Temur comes and says Alpagu needs to see him. The new specialists then, go to the palace kitchen and start working there. Alpagu kills Tilsim in his dream and later sees Batuga. Balamir believes Alpagu to be woozy and comprehends that his condition isn’t extraordinary in any capacity.

Akkiz’s friends endeavor to enter the city as sellers, but the troopers don’t give them access. Yibek then, tells Ece what happened in the kitchen. Ece says that the slaves will be repelled, yet Akkiz attacks the troopers in the mean time. Batuga takes Temur to the nursery of the palace. Temur sees that Akkiz has a cutting edge in her grip and kills her. Tutkun banters with Ece and begins to tell her what happened in the kitchen. Ece changes the sentence she gave about the slaves and says that they will stay in the cellar for three days.

Tutkun starts presenting requests to Akkiz, but later says that she confides in her. Temur and Kaya need to collect information about the two-headed wolf’s paw. Alpagu says someone needs to kill him and solicitations an assessment about Saltuk. Saltuk goes to one of the houses keeping watch and meets Colpan there. Saltuk says that he bought a present for Colpan.

Gunseli says she is uncommonly vexed because she can’t have a youngster and starts to cry. Ece eliminates the shaman from the jail and demands that she cast a spell on Alpagu. Ece then, goes to the nursery of the palace for tea and calls various women. Mei receives a message from her father and later finds that the specialists in the imperial home were engaging. Right when Gunseli acknowledges what the laborers are doing, she goes to the jail with Yibek.

Batuga gives Akkiz something to eat and comprehends that she is at this point irate. Akkiz flaws Batuga for being a slave. Batuga says he saved Akkiz’s life and goes with her to the exit in the entry. Batuga says it will devour a huge piece of the day to open this exit. Akkiz sees the photographs in the entry and starts getting some data about them. Batuga figures out what happened to his mother. Akkiz is amazingly vexed concerning what occurred for Batuga and asks with regards to whether he has drawn a picture of her.

Tutkun submits a blunder during this time and later ends up being enraged with Calayir. Ece talks with the women in the palace and gives them gifts. Batuga returns Akkiz to the jail. Akkiz comes out later a short time frame and notices Alpagu’s room. Gunseli banters with Temur about her new worker and says that Ece needs to give that woman to Kaya. Akkiz goes to Alpagu’s room and is ended by someone when she will kill him.

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