Dastan Season 1 Episode 4 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 4 with Urdu and English Subtitles

previous episode, The following day, Balamer discovers what befell Alpago and gets everybody out of his tent. Balamir goes to God to hold onto the high position and before long sets off. The troopers quickly carry Alpagu to the royal residence the following morning. The royal residence specialist takes out the arrow from Alpagu’s body individually and treat his injury. The specialist says Alpagu lost a ton of blood and they can just pause.

At the point when Kaya is going to take his dad’s position, Temur comes and stops him. Temur says Alpagu isn’t dead yet. Colpan goes to his dad’s grave and lets him know that Alpagu is dead. In the mean time, Saltuk comes and says that Alpagu isn’t dead yet. Saltuk says that the present circumstance is truly reasonable for getting Tutkun into the castle.

Kaya tell her mom that Saltok have the criminal they are searching for. Balamir sets out and comes to the capital with his military. Kaya, Temur, and Ece are freeqed with the present situation. Ece says she will allow Balamir to enter the residence. Balamir requests that his military stand by outside the city.

Kircicek pours poison on Alpagu’s injury and quickly leaves. Ece says Kamkadin will hold a service around early afternoon. Balamir understands that Alpagu will kick the bucket and starts to stand by smoothly. Kircicek furtively tells Batuga that Kamkadin can’t do anything since she has effectively harmed Alpagu. Batuga quickly goes to his dad’s room.
Sirma begins crying and yelling en route to the castle. Akkiz quiets her down and says they will be free again soon. Batuga experiences Akkiz while leaving the royal residence. Akkiz says I wish Batuga had a psyche. In the mean time, Kirac comes and notification the injury on Akkiz’s arm. Kirac understands that Akkiz is the toxophilite they are searching for and chooses to take her to the prison in the castle.

Akkiz and Batuga take out Kirac. Batuga binds Kirac’s hands with ropes and expresses what Akkiz did was an enormous slip-up. Akkiz understands that Batuga can really talk and starts conversing with him. Akkiz attempts to break the chains however falls flat. Mei gets some information about Kamkadin’s custom. Kamkadin says custom and penances are deficient. Kamkadin then, at that point, tells her that she wants the blood of the tradition individuals.

Ece is disturbed that the custom didn’t work. Akkiz says that Batuga is the motivation behind why she was unable to kill Alpagu and blows up with him indeed. Kamkadin cuts off Temur’s hand first and afterward Kaya’s hand. Kamkadin then, at that point, says she really wants someone else, Balamir says he has dynastic blood, however Kamkadin doesn’t acknowledge him. Temur understands that he needs to bring Batuga and starts searching for him.

Temur sees this assault. Akkiz helps Batuga and kills Kirac. Temur asks what occurred and begins to pay attention to Akkiz. Temur expresses gratitude toward Akkiz for saving his sibling. Temur then, at that point, converses with different warriors and orders them not to commit the error Kirac did. Temur then, at that point, takes Batuga to the custom spot. Kamkadin likewise removes Batuga’s hand.

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