Dastan Season 1 Episode 19 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 19 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Episode 19
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After Alpagu killed Balamir, he went toward the western khanate and recovered control rapidly. Saltuk asked Batuga for help so Colpan wouldn’t kick the bucket. Batuga said it very well may be dangerous to put resources into an open door to the group and referenced that Kun Ata come. Colpan acknowledged Batuga should become Khan. Batuga then, went to the group and held a burial organization for Colpan. Ece observed that Colpan was dead and expected to get out Batuga, yet Alpagu finished her. Batuga climbed the pompous spot of his auntie after the remembrance organization and referenced the Nowruz good times to start. Ece cryptically chitchatted with Kuzu and referenced that he sends spies to Dag.
Akkiz felt that Alpagu’s officials would assault and fan out gets around the group. Kuzu’s organization experts killed the skilled workers who were going to the wedding and went there in their place.Batuga gave his all to get Yaman to wed Sirma. Akkiz saw that everybody was sluggish during the wedding and seen that something wasn’t right. The public power experts began seeking after everybody. Batuga began to move truly far away, however the spies killed Kun Ata. Mei chose to follow Batuga’s strategy with the objective that reality concerning her wouldn’t come out and gathered Yibek.
Yibek went to the quarantine tent and expected to see her girl. Temur speaked with Yibek and recognized where Alaca was. Akkiz took Kun Ata’s dormant body into the forests and covered him with branches. Batuga said that they will move to somewhere else soon and all will be well. Akkiz went with Temur to save her mom and sought after Alpagu’s authorities.
Batuga went with Tutkun to get water from the stream for Colpan, however Kuzu’s in secret expert sought after them. The public power expert at first cut Tutkun’s throat and sometime later cut Batuga. Akkiz saved her mom from the authorities and a brief time frame later embraced her. Alpagu saw this in any case he sat inert.
This coming episode will be on air on April 12, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Akkiz and Batuga? How Akkiz find Batuga? Who will save Batuga from the attack?Is Colpan Hatun is alive? How Akkiz and Batuga take revenge of destroying the Dag tribe? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com.


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