Dastan Season 1 Episode 18 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 18 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Episode 18
Previous Episode Review
In previous episode, Akca went to search for her mom with Manco, yet Temur finished her. Just in the wake of talking with Temur about Batuga, Akkiz kept on searching for her mom. Alpagu referenced the catch of Vargi and Tai. Ece exhorted Vargi and referenced that he takes off. Alpagu began following Vargi and Tai. Batuga’s strategy worked, and Colpan got the backstabbers in the backcountry.
In previous episode, Batuga got back to the group and watched out for Akkiz. Akkiz said she expected to save her mom. Batuga watched out for Yula that evening and said he would convince the familial pioneers to arrangement. Yula said that it is past trying for Batuga to become Khan. Kaya’s organization expert observed that Batuga needed to hold a party with the pioneers and promptly told Khan of this. Alpagu made an arrangement for Balamir to go to this get-together as well.
Alpagu got back to the castle with the joke craftsmen and started to address them. Tai says Balamir coordinated everything. Alpagu confounded Tai and referenced Vargi to be brought. Calayir said that Vargi completed everything. Batuga referenced that Khan bury the hatchet, however he said he would reprimand the deceivers independently. Akkiz at last saw Manco’s camp in the woods, yet Kuzu seized her mom.
Batuga asks Kun Ata for remedy to recuperate his arm, yet he says it should be broken. While Akkiz expected to save her mom, Kun Ata broke Batuga’s arm. While Temur was searching for the house in the market with Akkiz, Gunesli halted them and said it was a trick. Batuga began talking with the pioneers and said that the Turks shouldn’t battle. A little while later, Balamir appeared at this social gathering and said that Batuga was a joke craftsman. As Balamir intended to seek after Batuga, Alpagu came and shot him with bolts. Alpagu then killed Colpan.
This coming episode will be on air on April 5, 2022. Are you intrigued to see the next move of Akkiz and Batuga? How Akkiz and Batuga will be escaped from the attack of Alpagu khan? Will Akkiz and Batuga be able to survive Colpan hatun and Balamir Yabgu from the attack of Alpagu khan? What will be the reactions of Peoples when Batuga declare himself as a khan? How Dag tribe escaped from the trap set on the wedding of Yaman? To watch all these facts visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com.


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