Dastan Season 1 Episode 17 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 17 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Destan Episode 17
Review of Episode 16
In previous Episode, While Tutkun attempts to send Kircicegi again, Manco comes. Manco says he needs to talk to the claw, however Batuga won’t permit him. As Akkiz gets out of her tent and asks Manco about her concern. Manco tells that Akkiz’s mother remains alive. As Akkiz tells that her mother is dead, Alpagu comes to the tribe. Batuga asks Alpagu to relax and says he’ll speak about Akkiz’s mom first. Alpagu tells taht Manco is not trustable. Manco says he looted a place years ago and maintains to speak. Manco captured a woman and made her to speak. Alpagu says that now all of us is aware of that Akkiz is the claw and Manco tries to take benefit of her. Manco wants to take Akkiz to the girl he knows.
Alpagu says he’ll visit the headquarters with Kaya and moves further. While Balamir is thinking of the call of the new country he’ll establish, Colpan arrives and says to remain in peace till Khan is elected in the meeting. While Kircicek tries to steer Batuga to speak to Balamir, Akkiz returns and tells him that Alpagu has initiated a battle. Mei knows that Ece has sent ill workers in the palace and takes movement to update them with devoted servants. Gunseli secretly want to conceive her meassage to Batuga to make him aware of the situation inside. Temur comes again to the palace and says he desires to speak to his father. Temur realizes that his mom is making an attempt to kill Batuga by using using smallpox and gets very irritated. Temur says he has reduce all things with the palace any more and will help Batuga. Ece begs Temur and want to take her in the palace.

Temur listens to his mom’s closing phrases however does not alternate his decision. That night time, Balamir has a dinner with the tribal leaders. Leaders are worried about the disease which is spreading in the tribe. Meanwhile, Batuga involves in Balamir’s tent. Batuga says he brought enough salt for all tribes and located the therapy for smallpox. Tribal leaders trust Batuga’s sayings and start to help him. Colpan may be very satisfied to look what Batuga has performed. Batuga says it changed into wrong for Colpan to sign up for Balamir’s attack. Colpan says the entirety she has carried out so far is to guard Batuga. Colpan knows that the tribal leaders will now help Batuga. Batuga items to his aunt and says that if the state splits, China will attack. Batuga tells he will make Alpagu to make peace. Akca talks to Manco that night time and convinces him to assault the salt crammed caves.
What would Alpagu do next? how will Akkiz fight with the enemies? How they will stop the smallpox disease?


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