Dastan Season 1 Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Episode 11
In previous episode, Akkiz opened the case he took from the grave to get the real seal, but the poisonous snake ate her on the hand. Akkiz began to faint progressively. Batuga endeavored to help Akkiz and started to convey her on his shoulder. While Alpagu was incensed with Vargi, Calayir came and told Khan that Batuga was not in the palace.
Alpagu felt that someone had gotten Batuga and mentioned his officials to find him. Saltuk saw Akkiz near the burial ground and immediately took her to the faction. Colpan said that Akkiz had been driven from the group and that she couldn’t enter these grounds.
Kun Ata took Akkiz and took her to the secret tunnel in the regal home to treat her physical issue. Colpan later met with the minister and gave him Tutkun. The Chinese minister followed the plan and gave Balamir to Colpan. Balamir was angry with Colpan for working with Chinese secretive agents.
Meanwhile, Saltuk came to the cave, but Colpan took him out. The Chinese clergyman Saltuk’an mentioned that he hide what happened in the cave. Alpagu said he had a baffled outlook on Batuga and later went toward the western khanate. Batuga subtly met with Kircicek to find what happened in the regal home. Kircicek said she didn’t say anything to Alpagu and recognized Batuga’s new plan.
Mei after a short time went to Batuga’s room and the pastor tolerating him as a prisoner. The Chinese clergyman said that he would use Batuga to get Akkiz. Akkiz felt that something horrible had happened to Batuga and tended to Kircicek. The clergyman then, established a connection with Colpan and mentioned Akkiz from her. Akkiz took in the space of the minister and set out with Saltuk.
Akkiz entered the fenced in area to save Batuga, yet the clergyman locked her inside. Ece mentioned the troopers to shoot bursting bolts to kill Akkiz and Batuga. Temur entered the consuming tent to save Batuga.
Dastan Episode 11 trailer
Dastan episode 11 will be on air on February 15, 2022. Are you interested to see that will Alpagu khan hang the Akkiz? What will be the reaction of the peoples of Gok Palace to hear the voice of Batuga for the first time to save Akkiz? Will Batuga be able to save Akkiz and be the next Sultan? To watch all these facts, visit our website www.HistoricSeries.com


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