Dastan Season 1 Episode 10 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Dastan Season 1 Episode 10 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In previous episode, Alpagu makes a decision to visit the palace after what occurred on the assembly region and units out. Kircicek asks Akkiz to speak to Khan as quickly as viable and to permit the marriage. Ece learns that Kircicek desires to marry Batuga, however she can’t apprehend it. Alpagu thinks Kircicek can take revenge and asks Akkiz questions on her. Meanwhile, a few attackers begin capturing arrows at people who visit the palace. Soldiers try and defend Alpagu. Akkiz is going to Batuga and attempts to keep him. Batuga says some thing went wrong. Some infantrymen kidnap Balamir and take him into the wooded area. Akkiz sees Balamir jogging into the wooded area and begins offevolved following him. Saltuk is going to the wooded area to capture the traitor. Although Balamir does now no longer recognise the attackers, he attempts to break out with them.Akkiz stops Balamir’s horse and catches him withinside the forest. Colpan arrives quickly after. Colpan needs Balamir’s release. Saltuk receives indignant with Colpan and asks what happened. Colpan tells that Tutkun has escaped from the palace and that’s why she has to apply Balamir. Akkiz takes motion to cover that the attackers are from the Dag and grants Balamir to Alpagu. The ritual starts offevolved with Khan’s arrival on the palace. Alpagu sits lower back at the throne and starts offevolved to observe the rite. Danis says that once the rite the whole thing is exceptional and the throne now belongs to Alpagu. Alpagu without delay calls Balamir and starts offevolved to decide him. Saltuk tells all people that Balamir could be attempted for treason and looking to kill Khan. Kircicek comes as a witness and confesses that she did the whole thing at the orders of her father. After taking note of Kircicek, Balamir asks wherein the actual claw is.
Balamir proceeds to talk and tells that she harmed Alpagu previously. Alpagu starts to ponder the paw. Alpagu says the committee will settle on Balamir around early afternoon. Alpagu goes to his room and understands that Akkiz is the genuine hook. Ece converses with Mei and tells her that Alpagu has reclaimed the lofty position.He says that Temur’s activities have harmed Mei’s honor and requests that Ece kill Tutkun. Temur goes to a motel outside the city with Tutkun. Batuga discovers that the Chinese armed force is moving toward the boundary and sends Yaman to track down Temur. The gathering pronounces Balamir blameworthy. Alpagu says Balamir will be executed at sunrise. Hearing this choice, Colpan plans to break Balamir out of the prison. Colpan sends a mystery message to Mei for this arrangement.
Alpagu ask to Akkiz and requests that she leave the palace. Akkiz acknowledges this so reality with regards to Batuga isn’t uncovered. Alpagu then, at that point, orders Temur to be brought to the royal residence and sends Kaya to this mission. Alpagu becomes furious with Balamir’s partner and excuses him from his post. Ece comprehends that Alpagu is exceptionally irate and requests that he quiet down a bit. Alpagu calls the cleric and Mei. Alpagu needs the Chinese officers to leave the line region straightaway. The minister requests that Khan track down Temur. Alpagu says he is prepared for the fight to come and sends the minister. Alpagu then, at that point, becomes irate with Gunseli and asks her not to commit any errors once more. Alpagu at last becomes furious with Kircicek and says he will send her to one more clan as a lady.
Kircicek ask to Batuga try to change the decision of his father. Akkiz can’tgo back his tribe because Colpan ban her to enter in tribe.Colpan wants to abduct Balamir.
What would be next, Tutkun and Temur can secure themselves.Batuga can find out the paper (scripted on messenge) from grave. Snake can bite to The Akkiz…? The episode 10 of destan will release on Historic series with Urdu subtitles. Keep watching the Historic series to relish your curiousity

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