Daastan SO 1Episode 1

The series is based on the love between the two a young lady living in mountains and the brave worrier, who turned into orphaned by way of the Gok Khan Korkut Khan within the harsh steppes of Central Asia, and the Sky Lieutenant Batuga, who turned into orphaned through Korkut Khan on the Gok Palace, dec those two unusual birds obtain the not possible by way of making their love a sword and a guard of their hearts.
Akkiz, a young warrior lady, falls in love with Batuga, the son of an innkeeper, when she struggles with problems together with her husband. The tale that keeps among the 2 will witness the purest but maximum putting moments of affection, however decently of existence. A plateau has been prepared for the series, as a way to mirror the lines of Turkish way of traditions and lifestyle. Recently, the poster for the collection was launched. The costumes of the actors have been very lots favoured. ATV 2021 – 2022 collection season, which is understood for its long-jogging and massive budget series, seems to be pretty ambitious again. Producer Mehmet Bozdag and challenge array, Share through social media with series period Dastan the viewer in the tale and in phrases of manufacturing for the primary time in a watch like this and they mujdelemis ‘Epic series; manufacturing, an ensemble solid and a robust tale, no longer best in Turkey but also how to speak in this world,’ he informed me. The guidance method lasted a year; The forged of the Bozdağ Film series ‘Dastan’, a good way to be one of the maximum bold productions of the brand new season on the ATV screen with its tale, cast and decor, is quite full-size. Such names as Ebru Sahin, Selim Bayraktar, Edip Tepeli, Deniz Gunpowder, Burak Tozkoparan, Burak Berkay Akgul, Ecem Sena Bayir, Esra Kılıç are at the roster.
The release date of the the Dastan series is not been finalized yet. It is the new coming Turkish series. It is expected to be start by the end of November. Stay connected with the Historic series for adventurous and thrilling series having moral values.


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