Barbarsolar SO2 Episode 12 with English urdu subtitles

In previous Episode, Dervish tries to calm Hayreddin but fails. Hayreddin asks his infantrymen to get records approximately the cannons stolen from the army and says he’s going to prevent Seyyare. Luna says she doesn’t trust Sahsuvar and begins asking her questions. Sahsuvar tells how she worked with Luna’s father earlier than and says that she is a dependable lady. Doctors test Yahya and Cafer. Luna questions about the heavy artillery in Suleiman’s navy. Sahsuvar says that these cannons are in Kemankes and he’s going to help soon. Luna can’t recognize this example. Sahsuvar tells that Kemankes will help Luna quickly. Luna tells that she trusts Sahsuvar and asks her to act straight away.
Lomelino says he doesn’t don’t forget anything and Batista will never do whatever terrible. Hayreddin acts to speak to Seyyare, however whilst he sees the squaddies on the streets of the metropolis, he modifications his thoughts. A guy sees Hayreddin and takes him to a residence. This guy says he’s Yahya’s pal and asks Hayreddin to be patient. Sahsuvar calms Sukufe and tells her that she will be able to marry Kemankes quickly. When Kemankes is about to marry Seyyare, Hayreddin comes and forestalls the wedding. When Seyyare sees Hayreddin, she panics and says she can tell him the entirety. Murat comes jogging and says that Yahya was poisoned.
Kemankes says that a person sent poisoned food to the dungeon. One of the docs secretly talks to Cafer and asks him to inform simplest what he knows in court docket. Kemankes says he’s going to defend Cafer anymore. Hayreddin starts asking questions about the lumbers stolen from the shipyard. Orsini says he offered the logs from Kemankes, but he doesn’t understand whatever approximately army cannons. Yareli cuts off Orsini’s hand to punish him. Charles realizes that Batista is harmless and releases him. Batista without delay is going to talk to Lomelino and asks him what is going on.
Murat then is going to speak to Orsini and tells him that Barbarossa is in Payitaht. Orsini realizes that Barbarossa is looking for the military cannons and asks Murat to inform Doria right now. Hayreddin says he desires to check the garrisons to find the stolen cannons and prepares to talk secretly with Hunkar. Charles says he’ll assault France with these cannons and sends Doria to Payitaht with Christopher. Orsini then talks to Luzatto and tells him that Barbarossa is aware of the whole lot. Luzatto asks Orsini to go to court. Seyyare says she wants to marry Kemankes later and postpones the marriage. Kemankes says he will preserve his promise to Seyyare no matter what. Barbarossa secretly is going to the palace that night time.
Dervish and Yahya tell the Sultan. Suleiman says he trusts Barbaros and permits him to sneak into the garrisons. Halime talks to Kemankes another time, however can’t persuade him. Hayreddin begins to secretly search for stolen cannons along with his pals. Charles calls Batista and tells him the way to secretly assault France to expose him that he trusts him. Kemankes visits Ayaz and asks him to allow Sahsuvar visit courtroom. Ayaz refuses this provide another time, however the soldiers say they may take Sahsuvar. Luna learns that Orsini goes to court docket and thinks her plan is operating. Cafer says that Sahsuvar desires to harm Seyyare, but the judge does no longer take delivery of this.
Sahsuvar suggests the documents in her hand and the judge orders Kemankes to be arrested. Luzatto blows up the harbor to make Luna’s plan paintings. Luna sees Barbarossa coming to the port and forestalls him. Hunkar learns that Kemankes has been arrested and asks Ayaz to show all of the facts. Luna says she misses Barbarossa very a whole lot. Hayreddin says he needs to assist the kingdom and keeps to look for army cannons. Seyyare could be very upset about Kemankes’ arrest. While speaking to the Pope in the courtyard of the palace, Charles sees Batista fighting with Lomelino.
Kemankes says he turned into promoting the timbers to quickly purchase a deliver that might convey heavy artillery. Ayaz believes Kemankes and says he will control this deliver. Luna says she can secretly explode the ship Kemankes bought. Hayreddin also is going to the dungeon and asks Kemankes to tell him the whole thing. Kemankes realizes that Barbaros is aware of the entirety and begins to misinform him. Together along with his pals, Hayreddin begins to look for the ship Kemankes sold. Kemankes starts to assume that he’s going to quickly be free and even come to be the grand vizier. Luzatto blows up Kemankes’ deliver and retrieves the cannons the use of some other ship.

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